Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Day 8 of 2008.

These pictures are of objects all too familiar to me this time of year. From September to March of last year and this year, I have worked the jumbotron at the University of Northern Iowa. I get to sit in a little cement room in between the Dome and the McLeod Center, and push buttons that decide what you see on the giant screen for basketball, volleyball, and football. Occasionally wrestling, but that sport is just beyond my mental grasp of "fun."

My crew is awesome. A good bunch of kids interning or working for class credit. Some of them truly take the cake with their hilarious stories and antics. A few others need to break out of their shells! I don't bite...I promise! Although I am sure they are just trying to focus on the court or field....right? Riiigghhhttt. It might take up all my weekends for a good six months, but it is something I really enjoy doing, despite it involving sports, not something I usually am into. Not that I really have to watch the games though, in fact, there are games where I will get in the car afterwards and I will have no idea who won or by how much. I just have other stuff to be thinking about during the game. Oops!


Anonymous said...

I find that fascinating! I have never stopped to think about the fact that someone has to be deciding what goes on the screen at sporting events and actively switching it. Also makes me wonder how many other jobs there are like that to make things happen that I just take for granted!

Clare said...

I know! It's definitely weird to think about all those little jobs. When I got offered the job, it was totally random, I guess I always thought one person ran all the music and the scores and the big screen. It's pretty insane though, it really takes a team of about 50 people. All with their own mini job that I never knew existed.