Thursday, December 11, 2008

DPP 11: Two weeks til Christmas!

I was kind of at a loss as to what to post today. Last night was rather uneventful, all I did was start addressing Christmas cards, and today at work wasn't anything special with dad sicker than a dog (poor guy is death warmed over).

And then it hit me as I was about halfway through my daily routine. Every day since January 1st of last year, I have done one sudoku. I got one of those daily calendars last year, and I am obcessed with doing it. I would work ahead if I didnt think I would be greatly disappointed once I ran out. I rip sudokus out of newspapers and magazines, I could do them all day every day.

BUT, they must be the classic 9x9. These new fangled colored ones, ones with letters or shapes, no. Just no. Move out, keep it simple folks. Also, they have to be done in pen. None of this pencil and erasing crap. If you aren't sure that the number goes there, then don't write it in yet! If you mess up, then you are done for the puzzle. No second chances here!

Wow, that got a little intense for a daily picture involving a paper mind puzzle...

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