Thursday, April 25, 2013

yogi rant.

See?! I told you a new post would be coming soon! Little did you know it would be mere minutes later! So check below if you missed the first round of lack of update. Cause this one is alllll yoga.

I have amazing yoga regulars that I am really loving every time they come to class. Some because they have great ethic and am awesome practice. Others because they are just so much fun and have a catchy attitude. I've had a few classes recently that have showed massive progress. Tuesday morning was a small class of six, all of them desiring to be in the front row (already shows their attitudes) but I had to alter class once we started balances because I'm used to a class that can about half get into eagle legs and the other half falling over. This particular class went straight into full eagle arms and legs and HELD IT. I literally squealed, cause I'm just that professional ;-)

Yoga Rant Time:

Outside the studio more and more people are learning that I teach, which is awesome, because i really want to get people coming into the studio to get their feet wet and try it. But I'm beginning to find the "yoga advice for pain and injury" inquests annoying, it's like, I have learned that 80% of the people won't even try the suggestions once and the other 20% expect to be healed after stretching on their own once or twice. Kids, you aren't going to be healed after a few full blown yoga classes either and it would take promises of strippers and cake to get most of you actually into the building.

Once in class, some people are just sheerly determined to not listen to instruction. There are poses that by different instructors are taught slightly differently, but I'm sure everyone teaches to bend the front knee in warriors. And still, some are straight as a board, no matter how much I call it out. Almost always in reverse warrior, but usually one or two people in regular W1 or W2. No matter how I much I say in that one hold, bend the knee, lunge the knee towards the mirror, sink the hips, NOTHING. I might as well be teaching in Chinese. Although we have quite a few Chinese speaking clients, and they seem to grasp it quite maybe I am....

End Rant:

But yet, I'm still getting compliments about teaching a great class, outside of the typical, thanks it was great as they walk out the door. Numerous take the time to tell you what they loved and its truly encouraging as a teacher that even if I feel I stuttered and tripped up left and right more than once, that I am giving them a decent flow and practice. Only intensified in pleasure when it comes after a class I am subbing, and I'm completely unsure how this group of strangers will take to my style

I guess I'll keep working on it ;-)

Lack of an Update.

I feel like this blog has been totally neglected, but I really don't have much to talk about these days. Not that I'm even whining about life, everything's going just dandy (granted the weather hasn't exactly been cooperating since its ALMOST May) but that's neither here nor there.

Spring break at Disney went splendidly. Weather was great, food was gorged upon, rides were ridden. Spent three days up to Mayo in the beginning of April trying to find answers for this constant workout dilemma I have. Learning absolutely diddly was beyond disheartening. Although I guess I did learn I have off the charts awesome cholesterol. My HDL is 93 and LDL is 91. But I guess there's gotta be some perks when you don't like red meat or pork.

So there. A slightly informative update! Non yoga related. Although I know that one will be coming soon....