Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Boys Have Cooties.

It's been years since we've talked, but I think I can legitly say that Robbie was my first actual friend in life. I have a lot of early memories, that's for sure. One, involving spaghetti puke. But mostly happier ones than that ;-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Far too amusing of a thirteen second clip.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Throwback Thursday: London Calling!

Sometime around 2002, the young Nordyke clan went to England and Scotland for three weeks. I say around 2002, because I am already losing my mind with old age and don't remember. But really moreso that it would involve doing math to figure out the actual year, and frankly, I went to film school to AVOID math.

Anyways, London came up on our Spring Break trip this year, and it makes me want to go back. I adored London and other cities visited. And I feel like I can more appreciate more of the history this time, more than when I was 15/16/17 and all I cared about was shopping, the amount of sheep, and finding nonweird ketchup for my fries. And the fact that we drove the whole trip, and I was crammed into the back of a tiny tiny car with the suitcases and my 10 year old brother.....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney Winners 2011.

Classics of this year's Disney Extravaganza.

A swedish massage is going to be deeper, and all over....-Clare
And comes with meatballs-Tim

Take him home! - My mother, about the Italian waiter, with Tim RIGHT next to me.

Its like Hiroshima!-Christopher's personal time.

I think I'm going to try to be electronic - My mother.

Clare, this ride is scary! -Tim, being pushed in the wheelchair by mom

I cant hear you, my butts on fire. -Tim

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Disney Magical Day.

Today has involved.

A glorious two hour morning workout.

Salmon burger lunch at Epcot complete with pretzel roll breadstick and a shared maple creme brule dessert.

Catching up on some interwebs.

Massage at the Spa.

And will conclude with another light workout, an Irish dinner at Downtown Disney, and of course, more awesomeness in general.

Who says spring break can't rock as an adult? :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Magical World!

How much would you all laugh if I came back next week with an album full of pictures of me sporting that exact same fanny pack? I think I could start a new trend...

But yes. It's that time of year folks, Disney Week! White trash and foreigners beware, we are coming to take over the parks. If your stroller so much as grazes my shin, you're kid is going to be magically flying to Tomorrowland via my fist. Just saying, you have been warned. And ps. Frenchies, just because you like wine and smoke in your face does NOT mean you can cut me in the line. No need to be worried about the language barrier. I'll make SURE you understand me. You have been warned.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cats with Thumbs.

I knew Nessa was out to get us!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm already good!

Last year, or maybe the year before, I gave up chocolate for Lent. I did pretty good too. I stayed true, with the exception of our week at Disney (which was basically the second week of Lent). And we all know that a week at Disney might as well be a void in time and space, so realllyyy, does that even count? ;-)

But yes. I could give chocolate up again. But that feels rather....repeatitive? But I can't really think of what else to give up. I don't smoke, I don't really drink (well, not enough to feel the hardship of going without it)....I don't know!

As a sidenote, I suppose I should be happy that when I really thought about it, all I came up with vices at all, were my kitties and exercise. And you're off your rocker if I were to give up either of those.

So I open up for thoughts, suggestions, anything. What have you done in the past (poll to the right)? What might be a vice I could give up?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Then and Now.

I almost refuse to believe that these are the same people....except for the fact that we still can't take a serious picture.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That Arch feeds me well!

Last week, I was treated to a bit of happy times before the torment of dental extraction. Tim and I had gotten tickets to Ke$ha quite awhile ago, and Mom decided she wanted to be part of the road trip down to St Louis, minus the concert. As a sidenote, Tim had the Ke$ha cd hidden in his car for quite sometime before I found out and was pissed that he hadn't shared it with me!

But anyways, so we all made the unexciting trip down early Tuesday morning. Wicked early, only so that we could endulge in just one more meal at First Watch while down there. Egg white omelet with turkey, spinach, feta, & tomato. Turkey sausage. And then Tim and I shared at banana crunch pancake. Holy breakfast in my belly. I would eat there every meal if i could. Not even kidding.

And then just like any twoday getaway, the shopping craze started. In a matter of hours we hit up REI (no dice on the desired sandals, but lots of clothes tried on!), Container Store, Gap (yay to the Buy a pair of pants, Get a shirt free deal, although the hoodie "jacket" I wanted was cheaper than the sweater I was allowed to get), and Macys (where the gift card went unspent).
My big excitement part of the shopping was supposed to be the fact that they have a Lululemon in StL. But then, we got there. I was pretty disappointed in the selection at this store. They had very few options, and even few fewer sizes. Like, they have maybe 4 different sweatshirts, and each style had maybe two or three sizes in stock. And sizes are 0-12 mind you, not S/M/L. And when I walked in, I did a quick lap just to see what I was working with, and a lady came up to us and asked if we were lookging for a gift! I was ridiculously offended. Who starts their greeting with that? What about me right now says I am looking for a gift instead of for myself....not amused. Even less amused when there was a lady in there with three SHRIEKING children. One of them was playing with a box of safety pins used for hemming. Like, what kind of mother let's their kid do that? Geeze. But I ended up getting two sale items. Mom bought me a sweet pair of gray pants, kind of hard to describe them actually. And then I got a bra/tank combo that i really dig, but also hard to desribe. Let's just say, I love workout clothes.

A quick jaunt into Williams and Sonoma had my mom buying a crap load of lavender, and on our way out, I saw a HUGE glass jar of  "Nut & Grain". Tim bought it instantly, its totally delicious. Well worth the overpricedness of such a jar of glory.

Dinner @ Pi Pizzeria. It actually turned out that it was directly across the street from the concert venue, but it wasnt really relevant since we had to take Mom back to the hotel inbetween dinner and the show anyway. However, it did mean we got a sneak preview of the 14 year olds going to the Ke$ha concert all dressed up and ready to go. It was insane. I thought Lady Gaga was crazy, those were weird, but these were SLUTTY. Like, I cannot believe 75% were allowed to leave their house looking like that. Both mom and Tim ordered the same pizza, only Tim got deep dish and mom got thin crust. Both were delicious, The Western: mozzarella, spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. And I got the Bada Bing salad: field greens, toasted almonds, gorgonzola cheese, dried bing cherries, with raspberry vinaigrette. Only swap the gorgonzola (GROSS) for goat cheese. Yummy!

We totally lucked out getting back after dropping mom off at the hotel, parked a block away, and saw there were two lines. One was like two blocks long, and the other was maybe 10 people. And we knew it was a long shot, but we figured we would just attempt the the short one. Silly kids, it wasn't a special line at all, and we got in way before we would have in the other line. It was an all ages show, but we got split into lines of 21+ and underage because the underagers got charged an extra fee to get in. The staff of the Pageant was absolutely amazing. Best staff I have ever encountered at every level. Door security, ID check, bartenders, ushers, everyone. I loved it. And then there is the venue itself. Its amazing. Upstairs seated balcony thats 21+, has its own bar, assigned seating, and great views. Although the lack of jr high girls and stretching room was the best perk. Show was great, pretty sure there was lots of lipsyncing, but frankly, I dont care that much if the stage show makes up for it. And her and the dancers totally did. Including the stage director in the Santa costume....yup. Just really fun in general.
As a side story, the opening one man band was called "Beardo the Trailer Park Hero". Yup.

I slept like a rock, and despite the super early wake up call the day before, and a crazy busy day, and going to bed later than I had wanted to, I was awake enough when my alarm went off at 6:55 in order to go down to the hotel gym. Mom even went with me! The room was like a sauna. I wasn't on very long and I was quite moisturized afterwards ;-)
Breakfast Feast at First Watch. Coffee, fresh fruit crepes, turkey sausage links, and shared a carrot cake pancake with Tim. The granola and blueberry muffin that came with got saved for the car ride home at least. I was STUFFED. 
We then went to my mecca, Whole Foods, we spent 90 minutes there, and I could have spent 90 more. But my mom had finished her shopping and Tim had put up with enough of my aisle wanderings. We got quite the haul though. Including a peanut butter and jelly on banana bread for the road home. We pulled out of town around 11:30, and I have officially added St Louis to my ok long weekend destination visit list. Their food choices are growing and are pretty sweet looking (not including the ever fantastic First Watch). Their shopping is grand, and it seems like there is plenty to do. I vote yes.