Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Weekend.

Fall is officially here. This past weekend was totally relaxing but yet packed with awesome. 
  • Made numerous combinations of peanut butter, chocolate, honey, corn flakes, awesomey goodness.
  • Played with a new puppy in an elementary school parking lot at 10 at night. 
  • Hot yoga both Saturday and Sunday. New studios make me happy.
  • Drove down to Iowa City to Wilson's Orchard. Huge apples. Sugar free apple butter. Super cute shop. 

  • Perfect Weather.
  • Shopping at the Outlets for Tim to get new work pants after dropping major inches this summer.
  • Getting sucked in to buying myself stuff at UnderArmor.
  • Traumatic "fashion" sighting though. I mean, really, someone purposefully put this outfit together for a public display?! My my. But the workers were in too tight sweatpants and Hawkeye I guess it makes senses ;-) 

  • Friends from out of town visiting
  • Watching the races at Cattle Congress 
  • Even more people convening and hanging out at Toads and BWW 

  • Beautiful day on Sunday to hang out, go on walks, convertible rides and take naps with kitties,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall is Here!

Nessa is beyond excited to go to kindergarten this year, can't you tell? Happy September!