Thursday, August 27, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Feline Future

Today's throwback is inspired by the events of last night. As you can see from the olden picture, I have always had an affinity for my feline friends (and very flippy hair). And last night, Tim surprised me with a trip to the Vinton Animal Shelter. To rewind a bit, I have been telling everyone that I am getting a kitty for my birthday (not til October) so that he is strongly informed that my little kitties need a sister! And so last night, he drove me down to the shelter that Aero was being kept. See here for the story on Aero. But we ultimately decided that she is a bit too shy and anti-social to be a good fit.

So we looked around some more, and found Jasper. Jasper captured my attention at first, but after less than five minutes, we found him to be off the wall crazy. Climbing and play biting and scratching and acting like he was literally on some sort of crack. That put the kabosh on Jasper. But as we were leaving, we saw the corner cage in the far back, and inside was the sweetest grey and white kitten ever. Puffy and adorable and wanting lovin. I held her and she just burrowed deeper into my chest. Adorable. That leaves us where we are now. Waiting to her about her FLV testing, and for her to get fixed and all vaccinated up. And then after our Labor Day vacations, Laney is coming home!! Story is that she was named Laney after coming to the shelter after being thrown out of the car. :( Poor girl, she will be spoiled rotten now!

For more pictures, and if you want to get your own precious purrer:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Turtle Doves or a Disney Princess?

Summer is the time of weddings. It feels like at least someone I know is going to one every weekend from May through September. Combine the actual ceremonies and receptions with the bridal showers, bachelor parties, bachlorette parties, and it gets to be all lovey dovey wedding schmedding all the time! Wash, rinse, repeat. All summer long.

And it's not much better for those getting married. Point in case, when we got married, I swear we got the same exact wedding cards. There were maybe 5 or 6 different ones, and we got 10 of each. A few creative handmade ones, or from people out of town here and there, but realistically, same mass produced pastel sappy card.

Until one.

It came from one of the groomsmen. Bright pink. Disney Princess on the front, cut to follow the shape of her dress. Complete with glitter. Opened up, and its a little girl's birthday card. I don't remember what it said, but that's so not the point. We laughed so hard at the oddness of it, it was by far our favorite.

So now, when one of our closer friends get married (doesn't quite work as well with those distant relatives who think your fruity anyway) we attempt to find the perfect card to celebrate their day. A card that has NOTHING to do with marriage, weddings, or even anniversarys. Just hoping to brighten up their day. Although, I must admit, when this particular groomsman got married, his card was at least anniversary oriented, but here's the catch. It lit up, played some interesting bedroom music, AND. AND. Vibrated. I think it worked out ok ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Parking Lot Furry Friend

I met a new friend today. He found his way into my work's parking lot. I figured he would run away as soon as I got remotely close. But I knelt down by the car he was flopped under and out he came, wanting to be rubbed and loved. His tail was only about two inches long. Little nubster. But very loving and affectionate. Every time I'd start to pet him, he would flop on the ground and stretch all the way out, wanting belly rubs. Adorable. That's my new friend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Like a Western....

Sometimes I just like lists. (Idea stolen from Tim)

The Good:
1. Tim's stylish new glasses
2. Myla snuggles in the morning
3. Seeing my intelligent conversation friends soon
4. Los Angeles!
5. Ordering clothes online
6. Videoboard stories and kids
7. Tim being a smartass to his tool of a brother
8. Trying a new recipe for dinner tonight
9. Gorgeous weather for now
10. Upcoming fall weather and smells
11. Playing games with my family
12. Cooking meals for my family
13. Nessa bonding showertime
14. Dunkin hazelnut coffee with two splendas and dash of milk
15. Tim and I totally getting sucked in to Jeff and Jordan

The Bad:
1. Running on little sleep today
2. Fatness
3. Being stressed about an originally awesome sounding trip
4. About to lose my Saturday afternoons
5. Running at 8am every day

The Ugly:
1. Nessa puke near the cat dish

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throwback Thursday: School Daze.

It's that time of year again. All the little children heading back to school. I have no idea if this was my first day of pre-school or not, but this was my second preschool, Farmstead. Based on a farm, we got to collect eggs, play in the hay, ride the pony, and do all the fun farm stuff as well as do all the normal preschool stuff.

The one time I got in trouble in preschool was during snack time, we had to say "Excuse Me" to leave the snack table. And I had been taught that you say that when you did something bad. So, I refused to say it. And sat at the table. Drama with the four year old!!!

Kids are moving back to the dorms today. Classes start Monday. The local schools started today. I'm jealous. It sounds crazy, but especially this time of year. I love the Back to School stuff, new paper and supplies. It's like a Fall Christmas, but new classes, setting up new dorm rooms, its all that stuff that is exciting and fun to me.

But I also like the school part of it all. I like picking out classes that I find interesting, I like getting the syllabus of the whole semester, I like looking through new textbooks and doing worksheets. It makes me want to go back. I would too, if it didn't cost so frickin much. Or I actually had a purpose to go back. I would be the person to pick all the interesting classes and take them jsut to take them. But it's far too much money for that. Tim keeps telling me to pick something and go back and get another degree. I've thought about it. Numerous times. My last year at Emerson, I thought about going to grad school and getting a psych degree. I've always adored psychology, and I have a knack for learning it. I also tend to play psychologist to everyone I know. But I feel like its too late. Plus, I don't know what I would do with it. And again, its not exactly cheap. The job market isn't exactly looking kindly on job seekers right now. Not that it would be anytime soon....I dont know. I just like academia. Sue me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye Lovely City.

Our last day. I think my body knew we were leaving and refused to go to sleep. It also was wide awake as soon as it was time to get up. It's a sign. But we had our last minute errands to do, so we made the trek down Boylston to get some Emerson gear at the bookstore (I would never wear it there, but here, its the best) and then continue on to get another stamp for my book and down to Faneuil Hall for some last minute gifts. The Boston Fire Dept. was selling some shirts, and I generally stay away from that stuff, but these were too sweet not to get.

After our last shopping lap, we were joined by Justin, my lovely friend that I met freshman year, who actually ended up being Tim's roommate the next year. Despite being a native (or moreso becuase hes a native) he had never eaten at Cheers, so we decided to fix that. And then he joined us on our final walk through Boston, downtown, the Commons, Newbury. After a prolonged and sad goodbye, and a detour into Best Buy so we didnt have to say goodbye, we took off towards the airport. Turbulence on the first flight, but otherwise a totally uneventful trip through Minneapolis to meet my family in Waterloo. Below, Christopher and Linnea show off their Boston souvenoir. Who doesn't want a lobster hat?!

Two more days in Boston....

On Sunday, during our Boston trip, we headed out towards Cambridgeside Galleria, but ended up taking a detour so I could get a National Parks Stamp in my book (NERD ALERT). It was the Longfellow Mansion near Harvard. It had a pretty garden outside to walk through and this gorgeous cat was out prowling around. We figured a cat in such a public setting would be annoyed by all the people all the time, but this cat was just as much of a slut as Nessa! She kept winding around our legs and wanting attention. I want to steal her! Despite the atrocious haircut that someone had given her with what looked like a hedgetrimmers to keep her cool....

Next was getting lost in Harvard trying to find the 66 bus, but we eventually got it so we could have a delicious lunch at Michael's Deli, I was disappointed that Party Favors was closed though. Brookline is Jewish! Closed on Saturday, open on Sunday, thats how it should be! But we walked through the North End on the way back and got some treats, meandered through the Pru and prepared ourselves for a night out with Tim's former coworkers. We went out for some barbecue, and then out to this super nice outdoor bar near Newton. It was a great time, I can tell that Tim really misses being able to hang out with them, and they feel the same about him. Good people.
After that, we were raced back downtown by Sasha in his CRV (through red lights and seeing classic tunes) to see Ugly Truth at our beloved Loews. And that, was Sunday.

Monday seemed just as crazy, we woke up late and went straight out to Cambridgeside where I ended up with lots of booty! Mostly Gap stuff for work, my favorite being this sweet pair of khakis ON SALE. Love that feeling. Followed by the best sandwich on the planet, where I learned to love Mozzarella, the EC Cafe. Tim then stalked his former boss at his old bank, who was as usual, super cute. But then Party Favors was finally open! This wasn't the cupcake we got (I don't need a heart attack at 25) but imagine how good it would have tasted....
Back to the hotel to sadly start packing. But as a last hoorah, we met up with my pal Meg, and her adorable girlfriend, Kate for dinner in the North End. I wish I had taken more pictures, but we were so busy catching up on absolutely everything over our carafe of sangria, that I just didn't even think of it! But we at least got this shot outside of our Mike's desserts to go! A great picture of all of us.
Only one more day in Boston...sad.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner party wishes.

I know what I want to do this afternoon. I am in this planning creative vibe, and there is nothing I can actually do about it.

I feel like planning a party, any kind of party, or even just a dinner, a dinner party! I want to plan out a numerous course menu, and then go to a giant grocery store and shop for all the little unique pieces that I need to make such a menu. Shopping for it is half the fun. And then I want fun people to eat the crazy awesome food with. Conversationalists.

Or I feel like decorating a room. Any kind of room. Where I can pick all the colors and themes, and get to go wander stores until I find all the perfect pieces and put the room together exactly how I want it. Without the normal restraints of time or labor. I can deal with a budget, but having to take the time to clear out a room, tarp it, paint it, and let it dry? Naw....

And instead, I will go home and run. No party planning, no menu searching, no color swatching. Bah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

From Duo to Trio!

In honor of the new kitty I shall be getting for my birthday, I thought I would share a few of my current bundles of joy. They really really want a new sister, and tried to share the sorrow of being a lonely duo in their expressions in this photoshoot. So, through the glory of technology, I am laying down another hint towards a certain someone to get me meow meow for my birthday.... meow?

Myla is trying the Mind Meld to tell her Daddy that she wants a sister!!! Nessa is just trying to melt Myla's mind....

Nessa shows what she will do to Daddy if he doesn't get her a sister....

Please sir. My imaginary shadow friends ditched me and I have no one to play with.

I shall make her a dress of lettuce. Complete with potato skin bonnet. It will be a masterpiece.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I shall have to treadmill forever.

While in Boston, I was a total foodie nerd and took a picture of literally every meal we ate. These are just a few of my favorites. And yes. I am a total piggy. Now, enjoy Boston through my tum tum!

Dunkin Donuts. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel. (Not special except for the fact that DD doesn't exist in IA)

Barking Crab. Lobster Roll. $20. But fresh lobster is soooo worth it.
Michael's Deli in Brookline. Mango Chicken salad. Mangos belong in everything.
Some North End bakery. A smores bar dessert. You had me at marshmallow and chocolate.
Village Smokehouse. Pulled pork sandwich. No one should ever eat that much meat in one sitting.
*BEST MEAL* Emerson Cafe. Mozz, tomato, basil panini. Heaven on a plastic plate.
Party Favors. Cupcakes. Who needs the cake part when you have an inch and a half of icing?
Mother Anna's. Mushroom Ravioli. Tim's choice in italian.
Rasberry Mocha. I didn't even know what it was, but man was it good.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Backyard Beauty.

I don't mind this being my backyard....

I know my ABC's.

Recently, I have seen a lot of books that I want to read. Some are books that I might not actually have the guts to purchase, but at least get from the library....ok, totally not true, I haven't been to a library in at least a decade, but its the thought of trying not to waste money, right? I'll probably get a few in my upcoming birthday and Christmas. Yes, Christmas is still 4 months away, but I am currently in the middle of a 600pager, and its taking FOREVER. Mainly because its Big Brother season, and I am consumed by its trashiness :)

But here's what I am desiring to fill my mind with. Some I am proud to admit to, others, a titch bit of shame shortly follows....

World War Z: Max Brooks. An Oral History of Zombies? SIGN ME UP!

The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown. I got sucked into the craze. Plus, I WILL find that FreeMason treasure. I will.

In the President's Secret Service: Ronald Kessler. I just tend to find these kind of stories super interesting.

Banksy book: Wall and Piece. This guy is insanely awesome. His work is sweet.

And the shameful....
Evernight: Claudia Gray (Vampires)
Girls Next Door coffeetable book (Blondes with boobs)
Why We Suck: Denis Leary (He is the reason my dorm banned the roof)
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell "extended": Tucker Max (I cried laughing at the first)
Bro Code: NPH (probably just to flip through)
Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead (More vampires)
Host: Stephanie Meyer (Let's see if she can write more than vampires...)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Throwback Thursday: The Internet?

Today's throwback is a bit different. It's not of me, it's a scan of a magzine I found in the box of old books and videos that my grandmother gave me from my childhood. You can click on the pictures and it should give you a bigger picture that you can actually read the text. Its an article in a children's magazine, all about the new and upcoming internet. It gives definitions of "Signing on" and "Website". I was laughing pretty hard. Also, it gives the top 3 internet providers. Two of which don't exist anymore, and the number of users of AOL was insanely low. And the price? Check out the picture below. 5 hours A MONTH. Im online more than 5 hours in a day! Oh how the times have changed....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beantown One. Red Line.

Ok, its about time I got some Boston updates on here. We had an amazing time. Like, beyond awesome. We got to see people that I haven't been able to see in far too long. We got to shop for stuff that won't be sold in the midwest for at least a year, if not longer. We got to eat some delicious food (a post all in its own). But most of all, it was just really good to be back in Boston. It's crazy how everything just slipped back right how it used to be.

Once we got checked in, we immediately walked down Boylston towards Emerson, and grabbed a slice at NYP. Tim was beyond elated, you can't get pizza like this in Cedar Falls, THAT'S for sure. And then we headed out to meet Caroline and her roommate at a bar at Kendall. We hadn't planned on being able to see anyone that first night, so we were super pumped to get to meet them and later be joined by Justin!

The next day we went crazy shopping at H&M. Even Tim found stuff. It's really weird to me that stuff out east, I swear its true, fits differently than the stuff in the stores here. It's baffling, and extremely obnoxious. But I got quite the haul, a black cocktail dress, black halter top, cream ruffle skirt, nice black pants, black tanktop, white tanktop, and dark gray tee. Such great shopping deserved an equally tasty lunch. Barking Crab was a must! I adored that their buzzers were lobster shaped. It made having to wait more amusing. I am landlocked, thus a menu I don't see often! We walked through Faneuil Hall on the way back and ended up getting a few bowls at Crate and Barrel and a magnet of the Boston T map (one of my fave purchases). Walked all the way through downtown, Commons, Gardens, and Newbury St back to prepare for an evening of roommates! We met up with two of my old roommates, Justin, and his gf for dinner and drinks at Cantina before going back to see Justin's new house. I adore everyone. Can we all just rent one big building so I can hang out with all of you all every night? Ok, lets work on that.

Days 1 & 2 in Boston down. More to come!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I Want, and Things I Don't!

An episode of...Things I Want, and Things I Don't!

Thing I want:

It's a wishing wall, and really, I wish I had had it for the wedding, or graduation or some sort of life event. You post it up with paper available and people write their wishes for you or their congrats and so forth. How sweet is that?!

Thing I do NOT want:

This paper is made of Panda poop. Its called, Poo Poo Panda Paper Yes. You can also buy paper made of Elephant poop. I think people might be taking this "Save the World, recycle" thing a bit too far....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Love, and New Love!

Been awhile, so let's knock out two great topics in one post, shall we?

Great Topic #1:
My parents went to Colorado two weeks ago for their 31st wedding anniversary. After I saw a few of their pictures, I just had to post some of their cuteness, although I'm sure my mother won't be too pleased. But she should deal with it, maybe she shouldn't be so cute! ;)
As a sidenote, they were nice enough to bring us back bags of Moose Munch, t-shirts, and Pyrex bowls! They must be saints.

Saints that are in loooovveeee. (Just don't get too ewwy-gooey on me)

In love, saintly, and apparently insane enough to talk to statues.....

Great Topic #2:
My lovely friend Mary got married this past weekend. And what comes before weddings? Bachlorette parties. And while most would expect crazy insane stories from such a statement, I really have none to tell. It was a great time, but nothing worth Catholic confession.

I mean really, how wild can chicks playing pool get?

But that's not saying there wasn't crazy feather boas and a Sexy Bitch pimp cup.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Simon's Cat-Man-Do.

I could watch this a million times and still choke with laughter. It is so like my own kitties....

Time to Vote!

New poll. Check it out. Answer! I'm headed to Los Angeles over Labor Day. Memorial Day? Whichever is in September. I want to know what I should try to see in such a short time!

Boston post soon. I promise.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Panther Prowl.

It felt like Fall this morning. Cool, crisp. It quickly faded, but the moment was there! I am totally getting geared up for athletic season. Another year on the jumbotron, ready to knotch that belt one more time! I'm surprisingly excited for this year, looking forward to getting back in the game. No pun intended. Although I am definitely glad to not be the Panther Cheerleader that it seems my parents were prompting me to be....