Monday, April 27, 2009

Brain Blurts.

-In two weeks I have eaten all but the feet and butt of a one pound chocolate bunny. And sadly, I am surprised it lasted this long.

-I ran over 32 miles over the past four days without the boys here. This pleases me.

-I also ended up sleeping at my parents house this weekend. I am convinced my felines can see things that humans cant, and their freak out at the invisible at 1am was a little too much to handle.

-Friday was a million degrees humidity, but I will take that over this stupid cold rain any day. Although I really enjoy thunderstorms. Rain helps me sleep deeper.

-I wish our washing machine would work. That would be swell. I need workout socks. CLEAN ones.

-I had a dream last night that my dad bought me a RIDICULOUS mansion that was 20 minutes from the closest town. I proceeded to be sad (in the dream) that it would take over an hour (math was not my forte in the dream) to go buy milk at the store.

-I really really need a trip to Boston. Even if its just for a long weekend. Meg walks to work, and I long to walk downtown. Anywhere downtown or Cambridge.

-Its taken me less than a week to watch the entire first season Veronica Mars. Does this make me pathetic?

-Nessa saw a black and white kitty in the back yard tonight and has been looking intently for her ever since. She needs a sister.

-I made chicken kiev for dinner tonight, I havent had that in years. Yum.

-The kitties really missed Tim while he was gone. Although I think they really just missed having someone else to whore themselves out to.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

To meow or not to meow.

With Aero not in our home yet (and oh the thoughts I put into adopting her with Tim gone!!), and Petsmart's Adoption Celebration next weekend, I figured I should put out the pros and cons. Frankly, the cons mean nothing to me because I would have every cat in every shelter across the nation if I was allowed, but Tim is a bit more worried. So here is why we should get a lovely addition to my feline pride.

- Another cuddle buddy for family snuggles.
- Saving a kitty life and giving it a good home
- Another playmate for Myla and Nessa
- Getting to know and love a new personality
- Adding a little color to the brown mix
- Giving Myla a friend to go outside with
- More kitty quirks to giggle about
-Bundle of fur happiness

- One more place in the family room that we cannot sit
- Needing another litter box
- Possibility that Myla and Nessa won't get along with a newbie
- Possibility that moving might not allow more than two cats
- Possible clawing
- More food/litter costs

On a sidenote, today was absolutely freezing and rainy miserable, but yesterday was hot and humid and awesome. It was like summer might exist after all! I had the windows open all day and the condo got up to a balmy 83 degrees.

The cats have gotten used to the mid 60s temperature over the past few months inside the condo, so they were lazy bums, barely moving yesterday, as if in the middle of the Sahara without water....

Boys will Play...

Oh yes. Don't you wish you could join them? Insert your face between one of those men and eat your weight in beef jerky and trail mix on a four hour drive north. Then you can do all the manly things they plan on doing this weekend. With a destination wedding, they must have the ultimate destination of bachelor parties. So off they went yesterday afternoon!

I am also pretty sure that they packed more stuff for the six of them than six girls would, but I'm sure they would argue that. But they did have Matt with them...and that allots for at least 4 pairs of shoes for two days. But I must say that I was impressed that with a scheduled 4:30 departure, they were on the road by 5. Must have been excitement for the bars....better have been!

So with my usual assortment of miscrients gone for the weekend I have been challenged with finding my own amusement. Which I haven't had to do in awhile, so I started off light with a good 8 mile run, 17 Again with my mother, and baking cookies last night. Today should be a bit more random. Did a 7 mile run so far, took sandwiches to my parents and about to go tan...

Now if only I had a new Nancy Drew game to spend the rest of my afternoon on.... :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

It's her birthday today! She's old. Ok, younger than me. But still! I'll go all jr high on her and tell her how awesome she is via this lovely name theme!


Happy Birthday!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Aero, the Petsmart Princess.

How absolutely cute is she? Her name is Aero, and we had a delightful playdate this weekend at Petsmart. 5 months old, and already about as big as Myla. She might not know this yet, but she REALLY wants to come live with me. And snuggle lots and lots in between fending off Nessa for pieces of raw chicken, or if she prefers fending off Myla for pieces of smashed up tortilla chips.

Fixed, medicated, and ready to be Princess of the household, Aero awaits her Nordyke family fate!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Warm fur is the best.

Yeah, I know, not everyone's favorite posts of mine. BUT. I can't help it. When creatures are this adorable, cuddly, and channeling Heidi Klum or Adriana must be shown to the world.

Precious perfection.

You know you want my babies. But you can't have them....they are MINE!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sun + Taxes = Confusion!

In honor of this gorgeous sunny day (FINALLY!!) and the stress of tax day on my father (poor thing) I put forth into the interweb a similar day in weather and complete opposite day in stress for the patriarch of the Nordyke clan!

No really guys...I would make a really good moose.....

Hoping to win the staredown and get some of them Lucky Charms!

Giving Christopher the "support" he needs....

I'm going to meet Willy Wonka!!! Oh wait, thats not what this golden ticket means?

I have to push her WHERE?!?!

He sure loves shopping with my mother....can't you tell?

A little bit of boy time, interrupted by some crazy lady!

Now quit reading and go enjoy the weather!!!! Crazy people....looking at the internet with this day of sun.....

Monday, April 13, 2009

Diva da Bunny

Somehow the once a month picture is still going's April, plus grandparents and uncle. This was actually the first attempt, surprising considering all of the components involved.

Overall, the holiday went well. The night before, we hunkered down and tried to learn Apples to Apples. And let's face it, my family should never play this game around other people. Someone might get the wrong idea when my father plays Hiroshima Bombing to the adjective, Neat. And that wasn't even a rare went downhill from there....

After giving up chocolate for Lent, I told my mother to load me up with the biggest chocolate bunny she could find. This went awry in two ways. One, three days before Easter, we bought candy for Easter baskets, and my 40 day chocolateless spree had a complete downfall. Two, my mother took my words to heart and bought me two bunnies each over a pound of chocolate, plus a chocolate cross, AND other assorted chocolate candies. Lord, Im gonna be fat! Here is Diva da Bunny:

Yesterday, after we got home, I was looking out our side door across the vast gross brownness, and POP! Bright yellow caught my eye. Somehow, in the middle of brown, matted, dead, rotting grasses....was this beautiful bunch of flowers...there is hope for spring....*fingers crossed*

Ok, this should count as spring, and tomorrow, summer can start!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hallelujah Smeeps!

OMG. Smeeps!!!! Heaven came down to earth, and pooped these little buggers out. Holy cow look at this amazingness. Meg had these on her blog this morning and I could not help but to spread the knowledge of their existence. Smores are one of the best things on the planet. I ADORE Smores. During the summer, bags of marshmallows should be hidden from me at campfires. And now....this. The easterific version. Glorious!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kar Killers and Kardio.....


I will find you...and you WILL pay my deductible....

But speaking of my toys, here's my newest one. I get obcessive when I wear it. I wore it all day last week. I thought the chest strap would be obnoxious, but really, the boys that complain about it are just whiners. They should try wearing a sports bra! Everyone should get one of these though, really, fascinating!

I'm still angry about my car though....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Homebodies aren't Nobodies!

Ok, so this isn't my actual living room, but it looks comfy! I totally wouldn't mind if it was my haven of comfort and solace. I spend a lot of time in my living room. We have a nice plushy couch, decent size tv, complete with tivo. Its only a stone's throw away to the kitchen, what more could a person want from a living room. Besides two adorable cuddly kitties of course, which I happen to also enjoy.

It's Saturday night, 10pm. Prime time for bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and house parties. Alas, I am perfectly content right here on this couch. Im not a couch potato, I run every day, I go to the rec center four days a week. Don't think Im a total Oprah and bon bons kind of gal. But theres just something about it. I like my friends. I like having them come over, or going out every once in awhile. But in Cedar Falls, there isnt much to do. No movies start after 9:30, the only other option is bars and Perkins. I have spent enough hours at Perkins and Village Inn, my tank is full of 1am coffee. I just don't need to do it anymore.

If a group of friends drops into town and wants to get together, I am onboard 100%. TV off, out the door in a heartbeat. But I just dont need to do the same bar, the same table, the same waitress every weekend anymore. It's not fun. Staring at eachother. I don't get drunk (until the day they invent calorie free shots), so whats the point?

I like my home. I like to play Scrabble. Come on by. Ill make a dessert. Ill pop in a movie. We can talk all night long. But I would rather not have to do it screaming over the music and chants of the sorority bachelorette party trying to get my guy friends to waste money on them. Just stop honey, no one wants to be lei'ed by you, give it up.

I like my couch.

Friday, April 3, 2009

East to West, They're the Best.

On the same day, I got two AWESOME pieces of mail. From two of my favorite people. One far to the west, one far to the east. Both in better cities than I, where they dont have to await sweet pieces of mail like this....

So, like most of the female population, Becca and I might have slight Edward Cullen fascination. She was lucky enough to visit Forks a few weeks ago. And when I opened this parcel (note the random footprint across the whole envelope) I pranced with glee at a Edward Cullen card AND Twilight bracelet. Oh yes. Complete vampire awesome.

Oh Meg. The best part of this, is that when you meet Meg, she is the sweetest, cutest, seemingly innocent and quaint. As if the word boobie would have her blushing like nun at a poker game. And then Meg breaks out! Bam! Syphilis in the mailbox. Via a duckling. Come on, how hilarious is that?!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My mother is on facebook, and I cant move unless the rec center comes with me.

Ok, so I promised an actual piece of literary genius. That aint gonna happen folks. But I will at least put out effort into something. I even paused my movie to do this, so feel special, cause frankly, Kevin Smith was making me do some chuckling about working with Bruce Willis....anyways.

My mother joined facebook yesterday. Well, she joined a long time ago, but it was doubtful she even knew how to sign in let alone accept a friend invite. But yesterday a friend of hers taught her how to do the basic stuff and now she is rather obcessed. The world is coming to an end. When my friends text me that my mother is talking to them via the world of a website where we all have pictures of us and status' that no one wants even their boss to see, let alone their mother. Lord help us all.

I started a cycling class last week. Meets twice a week, half hour cycling, half hour light weights and more muscle building schtuff. And it made me realize that I will never be able to move anywhere ever again. I cannot bear to leave my precious Cedar Falls rec center. I know who I like, I know who I dont like, I know what machines rock and which ones were used by Lou Ferrigno while training for the Hulk in the 70s. I know who smells, and what ball to use for what exercise. I got the place down. I have become very fond of my classes there and know from experience with substitute instructors, that finding new ones is going to be reckoned with teeth gnashing. I enjoy my routine of light salutation yoga then core class on MW, followed with cycling and hardcore yoga on TTh. Why mess with success?

So that just fixes that. I can't move. Unless the rec center comes with me!

On a sidenote, I just ate some canteloupe that tasted like butterscotch. Weird? I think so. Delightfully delicious? Completely!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not yet a real post....

It's about time for to post a real post. And I will. Soon. Maybe even tonight. But some more Disney pictures will have to suffice for now!

Waiting for the boat over to watch UNI in the tournament at ESPN?

We be Masters of the High Seas in Pirates at DisneyQuest. And we look tres chic!

Magical moments at Magic, even that made me puke a little bit. But its cute!

Ok. Next post. Will have substance. Girl scouts honor ;)