Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Mi Amigos. New and Old.

Welcome back eighties! Last weekend was filled to the brim with friends, and this upcoming weekend is also filled with friends. Two totally different sets of people that I love and adore. Sets of people that have altered my life in their own ways. Especially this weekend, in Boston. The kids are the kids that I hold close to my heart and always will. I can't wait to see them. I get super warm and fuzzy in my insides when I think about getting to spend time with them. *sigh*

But today's throwback picture is a whole other set of friends. From two decades ago. People I haven't seen or even talked to in ages. In fact, there is one girl that I don't even know if it really is who I think it is. Isn't that weird? At the time, if I had deep enough thoughts yet, I'm sure I thought I would be friends with these people forever! Unless they stole My Little Pony figurines of course, then Cut! Done. And even though there was no theft, they filtered out of my life. Facebook lets me follow most of them, but nothing more than that. Sad, but I wonder how different I would be if we were still friends, making silly faces on a Saturday morning after a birthday sleepover...

We leave tomorrow for our trip out east. I haven't packed physically, but I've been packed mentally since I found out we were going two weeks ago. In fact, in my head, I'm sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off....look for a crazy ecstatic post when we get back next week :)

Ceaglske's celebrating LOVE!

This past weekend, Tim and I got to participate in an event that has been a long time coming! Tim's best friend since elementary school had his wedding reception. Austin and Lexi did the whole destination wedding thing last month in Jamaica, and we sadly couldn't make it (just a titch bit pricey!) but the reception was held for the celebrating to continue with everyone!
The Groomsmen gang consisted of pretty much everyone we hang out with, so it was fun to see the boys all dolled up in their pretty white shirts and bright pink ties. They clean up quite well!
During the dollar dance, Tim took it upon himself to pay his dollar so he could dance with his beloved friend. It was hilarious though, he HATES dancing with a passion. He would rather be a party pooper and not dance, but yet, when given the opportunity to PAY to dance with a DUDE, he was all about it. Awesome. True friendship right there!
At the reception we got to watch the wedding video from the actual ceremony in Jamaica, had some tasty dinner, listened to the speeches, and had lots of hilarious conversations. By the end of it, we were all quite exhausted!
With Tim as a co Best Man, sitting at the Head Table, I got to sit with the lovely Julie (and Josh, but he was too busy taking the picture to be in it). She even matched the occassion in her adorable pink pocketed dress!
During the reception, we found the opportunity to head uh...decorate :) But close by was Jayson's new bike. Matt went all GQ with his pink tie, wine, and hot bike. It was pretty hilarious.

Overall it was a great weekend, super tiring, but nice to see everyone together again. We haven't all hung out together in quite awhile between people working, going to school, and just general business of life. But getting all cute and chilling at Austin and Lexi's wedding reception was just what we needed!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mouthwatering Moto

I REAAALLLYY want to eat here!

Moto Restaurant looks ridiculously amazing.

Who cares if its $115 a person per meal? Ok, I do, but I still want to eat there.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Today is Day +11 for Karl. This is good. Very good. Mom and I went to visit him last week, on Thursday. Which happened to be the day of a big street fair. He's a trouper. As is his whole adorable family. Here's to many more + days for Karl.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Flashback Friday: Colorado Bound Parents!

I was in Rochester all day yesterday, and didn't get a throwback pic up, so I figured Flashback Friday should be put into play! Today's comes from the idea that tomorrow, my lovely parents are leaving for Colorado for a full week. Celebrating some anniversary, not a special one, but the trip is special for them. I remember when I was in elementary school, they would go away for week long cruises at least once a year. And I was thinking about it, and they haven't done a trip like this in over a decade! Yeah, a long weekend here or there, but not a full week. So this will be good! Plus, they are staying at Copper Mountain, which is SWEET.

Thus, this lovely flashback to my mother in Colorado years ago. Something tells me they won't be going on any horseback rides this time around....

My brother will be staying with us this week while my parents are gone. Something about that house is far too creepy for anyone to spend the night alone in, let alone a week full of nights! Eek. So Hotel de Nordyke is in full force!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

THEE Wedding Entrance to Make...

I can't figure out how to embed this. But really, CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

It's a great idea, and I wish I could have utilized it for myself!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HRG is coming for me...

Random factoid of today. Today has the longest solar eclipse in the 21st century. 39 seconds in some parts of the world! Heroes might be coming true....,_2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tragically Bland.

This past week:
-I burned my finger quite badly making asparagus and tomato frittata.
-Big Brother started (yes, I am addicted).
-Tim had a very successful job interview.
-We had a very relaxing weekend, going for lots of walks, watching movies, and the Arts Festival.
-Lots of pudding has been eaten.
-Lots of planning of the Boston trip.
-I went to the dentist. And survived.
-Tim bought a white shirt to match his bright pink tie for Austin's wedding.
-I finished a crossword book that I had received for Easter.
-I heard from a friend that I have no heard from in probably a decade (man, thats weird)

I promise this weekend will have more exciting events. :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

For Boston.

Here's the awesome. Yesterday morning. I wake up, and on my kitchen island, I find three notes. One of which is Tim and my flight itinerary to Boston. For two weeks from today. I cried. I cannot stop thinking about it. I want to go now. I want to go yesterday. I never thought I would be this excited to go back. Even just for four days. It makes me wonder what its going to be like. If I will even be able to come back here once I am there. To see my people again. People like this. Times like this one.

*sigh* Can't wait. It's all I think about. I'm going back to Boston.

For Boston, for Boston,

Thy glory is our own!

For Boston, for Boston,

'Tis here that Truth is known.

And ever with the Right

Shall thy heirs be found,

Till time shall be no more

And thy work is crown'd.

For Boston, for Boston,

For Thee and Thine alone.

Random little tiddybits.

Ok, I said I would fill you in today. So I will! But I will start with the completely random and probably totally pointless stuff.

--My dad made the request of chocolate cupcakes yesterday, so I obliged and baked the most delicious chocolate cupcakes with cherry filling mixed in, with chocolate frosting. I had a beautiful sugar coma from licking the spoon alone! After delivering dad's portion, we took a few to my grandparents at their new house. They moved in just two days ago and still were getting unpacked, but they sat us down at the kitchen table, got us a soda, and chatted until 10pm! They would have kept talking I'm sure, but we had to get going. It was nice though, I have rarely heard my grandfather talk about his military experience, and he told quite a few stories about it last night. We also learned that they had honeymooned in Seattle. Interesting little things you learn, that you had no idea you didn't know....

--Also. Random factoid. Did you know that tomatoes emit a gas that causes other fruits and vegetables to ripen faster, and therefore rot faster? So keep them stored separately! Something tells me this is widely known to everyone that isn't me...

--I had a dream two nights ago about the girl that has cut me out of her life. She won't talk to me anymore, and we really have no idea why, but thats besides the point. It was a pretty detailed dream with the two of us baking with her boyfriend. Only the boyfriend in the dream was my other friend's ex boyfriend. Its just very very weird. I don't really think about her much, and to randomly dream like that, odd.

--Lastly, for this post. I don't even know how to mention this, because even just knowing what I know is part of the rumor mill. But that rumor is not only making me count my chickens before they are hatched, but I am harvesting those chickens eggs, taking them to the kitchen, and making an omelet with them....yeah. Nevermind for now. I'll keep updating if there is anymore progression.

Yes, I know I said absolutely nothing about anything in that last paragraph. Jill's fault! ;)

Happy Friday. One more post later today. With the BIG news. BEST news. Yay.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Celebrations!

I had so much to post about today! A million different things, so I was going to delay my Throwback Thursday to be Flashback Friday. But then, I just spent the past 2.5 hours at my grandparents (we took them housewarming cupcakes) so I will keep it Throwback Thursday and post everything else tomorrow!

We've celebrated a few things in the past few weeks, including my brother's birthday this past Tuesday, so I thought I would show a celebration from years and years ago. I almost wish I could laugh at how hilarious it is to see my dad in a hat, but I have seen far more hilarious costumes on him. But still! With only three place settings, this is probably the last birthdays we had before getting Christopher!

Keep an eye out for a long post (or several short ones) tomorrow!

Going for the Jugular...

One is never sure, watching two cats washing each other, whether it’s affection, the taste, or a trial run for the jugular.

~Helen Thomson

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm tired. So look at when we weren't!

I have zero mind function right now. Im not even like sleepy tired. I just cannot focus. And it was so totally worth it. The movie was fantastic. Even my father who falls asleep in his chair before 10:30 every night stayed awake until it ended close to 3am.

But I finally got these pictures of our part of the 4th of July celebrations uploaded. Here's the best of our house. Only about 20 people showed up for brownies and ice cream. But these 20 had the best view of the fireworks in the whole town!

Tim loves himself some sparkley fire!!

I had to be in at least one picture!

Travis playing with sparklers amidst the smoke bomb curls!

Chris just watched Linnea and Matt set off the pretty colored smoke bombs on our "porch"


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14th.

Two things, on today, July 14th, 2009.

One. Today is my brother's 19th birthday. Happy Birthday Christopher! May your 22 hour bus ride back from Florida be one big celebration!!! Although I suppose you will still expect more celebrating when you get back...fine! ;) But you already got my gift, and something tells me that Nessa and Myla's gift might be small, liquidy, and involve stomach acid. Yeah, ok, little too gross for even a birthday joke. They'll just give you purrs and snuggles instead.

Two. Harry Potter opens tonight! I just finished re-reading Book 6 last night (only the third time). I seriously am FAR too excited for this movie. Since mom and Chris are still gone, and Dad has read all the books, he will be braving the crowds and going to the midnight showing with Tim and I. The only blah part is how early we will have to be there, despite already having tickets. Oh well! Harry Potter!!! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet Sturgis Falls

I know it was two weeks ago already, but after the crazy bonding that was around Cedar Falls this weekend after all of the tree damage, I thought I would post a few better times of the streets of Cedar Falls.

Tim and Grandpa eating breakfast before the parade began.

Kids blanket. And yet, all of us are adults.

MMMmmmm....turkey leg. The first year they had them at Sturgis Falls!

Classic grandmother eating picture. Tenderloin of glory.

Matt. Framed very nicely ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't be such a Negative Nancy!

Here's a blurb on what I've been thinking about recently:

Keep only positive people in your life, at least your close friends. There is no reason to keep negative people around, sucking happiness out of your life. These negative people come in different types.

Liars: Its not just the people that make such outlandish claims, if anything, I would rather you tell me that you slept with Christie brinkley when you were 15 years old. I can tell that you are full of it. Its the people that I never know the difference between the truth and a lie. Especially in matters that don't even matter. Im not going to think any less of you for telling me the boring truth versus an equally boring lie. I just don't dig it. I don't like not being able to have a serious moment because I have no idea if anything you say is the truth. Its those serious moments that add so much to a relationship.

Moochers: Most of the time, I would mean mentally and emotionally mooching off of me. But nowadays, I mean actual physical items. If you are on equal financial footing, its a give and take. I dont mean keeping an actual dollar for dollar list. But giving 5% and taking 95% gets old REALLY fast.

Deniers: If everyone around you is telling you one thing, and they have proof to back it up time and time again, then maybe there is even an ounce of truth to it. People can only say something so many times before it drags on them that you flat out refuse to believe what they are saying. If it wasn't important, they might say it once, or not even at all. But if people keep saying the same thing, please listen, and don't keep defending completely ludicrous actions.

Closed-minded: Rather self explanatory. Not being able to have open conversations and open thoughts is anti progressive. From lifestyles to even travel arrangements. A lot can be encompassed here.

Cheapos: This doesn't really apply to being a negative person, but its really obnoxious. People don't serve you because they really enjoy being at your beck and call. They don't provide services merely for fun. And most of the extra irritating jobs, bartender, waitress, stylist, masseuse, waxer, that kind of stuff, pays the absolute least amount. Especially if you are a regular, shell it out. They will make it worth your while. I promise. Sidenote: My exception in this case is cab drivers. They can deal with a cheap tip ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hurricanes in Iowa?!?

Early Friday morning, Cedar Falls was hit by 100mph winds, hail, and rain. We woke up at about 4am, and it was as though fireworks were being set off in the living room. I thought the hail was going to pierce the glass as soon as it hit. Power went out. And is still out in a lot of places. Streets are still closed. The sounds of chainsaws filled my ears all day. Tim and I are lucky, we live far from massive trees. Some people, only a couple blocks away were not so lucky. Sidestory: My dad's grill landed 50 feet away.

More pictures on my facebook if you are interested.

It takes more than one hand to count the scenes like this that I saw today.

One of the few house shots, I just felt too guilty taking pictures of their unhappy situations...

This is ONE tree. That used to stand next to the building instead of laying in front of it.

The roots of this tree were taller than I was.

Northern University High School. Right in front of the building.

My cute little upside down tree on UNI campus.

UNI Campus

Rest in Peace Sunglasses....

I am a girl in mourning.

I don't know about you guys, but I have a crazy hard time with sunglasses. I lost about a million pairs and broke a million more. And then one Christmas, three or four years ago, my grandmother gave me a mall gift certificate and into the Buckle I went! I bought the world's most awesome sunglasses. No, really. My eyes aren't totally level with eachother, and sunglasses seem to magnify it a billion times over, making it nearly impossible to find a great pair. But I did. 12 bucks later, not only did I have a great looking pair, but THEY LASTED FOR MORE THAN A MONTH. That in itself was more than an accomplishment, but then they went on to Holy Grail status. Supposedly lost or broken numerous times, they always found their way home to my face.

And then yesterday. I reached into my center counsel where they live. And there I had it. The end of the perfect pair of sunglasses. I don't know what to do. Something tells me that this look won't pick up in the fashion mags....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Beach jealousy!

My mother, brother, and his girlfriend head off to Florida today for a week long summer vacay of fun in the sun. Leaving my my father, Tim and I to stare at the gray Iowa skies from our cubicle windows.

So today's throwback Thursday reminisces the days that my dad and I wandered the beach looking for the prettiest shells we could find...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Afternoon of Celebration!

This Independence Day, I did not claim to be Canadian and celebrated the holiday probably more than I ever have discounting the past two years (in Boston and Philadelphia respectively). My parents built a crazy insane backyard patio/porch/landscaping area this past year, and we decided to make use of it, and host a huge barbecue in their backyard for all of our combined friends. It was a great turn out. There was plenty of food for all, Dad manned the grill of burgers and hotdogs, while I probably ate my weight in watermelon and garden sun chips. Nearly everyone we invited showed and stayed for the whole evening!The weather was less than pleasant that morning, gray and rainy, but by party time, the sun came out, but it never got too hot or humid, surprising for Iowa! But one of the biggest pluses of the event was a last minute invite to a friend of mine from high school was accepted. My tall lanky and lovely friend John came out, and we had a chance to catch up on the past year of our lives that we had so sadly missed out on! Love him. Overall the first half of the party was a huge success, even mom was able to sit down and enjoy herself a grilled delight and chat for awhile!
Then, as it started to dusk, we packed everyone up and transitioned closer into town to Tim and my place for the most glorious view of fireworks! (Coming soon to a blog near you...)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food of the 4th!

Third post in 24 hours. And about as much depth as the other two, if not even less. But I have decided why Americans like 4th of July so much.This is what we get to eat!

And this isn't even the tastiest of tasties from the Barbecue on Saturday, just the most photogenic. :)

A View on Film Critics.

A friend of mine and I got into a discussion today, a discussion about movie critics. He writes articles for different sources on movies he likes and dislikes, aka, he works as such a film critic. I have my own views of the profession and thought it might be interesting to post them, seeing what others of you might have to say on the topic.

This is pretty much copied and pasted, so sorry for what might not be the clearest.

Im not sure even how to respond. Im sure its not what you want to hear, but I dont even see a reason for film critics outside of the industry. Meaning, film critics are completely pointless to the mass public. I don't listen to them myself. I dont really care what they tell me about a movie. If I want to see something, nothing they tell me is going to make me not see it, and if I dont want to see it, nothing they say will make me see it. Movies are too personal preference. Every single person has too many different tastes in what they want to see in order for some critic to tell them what they should and shouldnt see. But I do know that that is just me. Not to be disrespectful in the slightest, I dont mean it in that way at all, I do know that there are critics that totally know their stuff, but they dont necessarily know me and what I like.

That's a pretty detailed way to put a common opinion. Don't take this as me trying to rebut you or defend myself but the way I see it (and that I think most critics do) is that the job is about telling people what you think and allowing them to compare their own opinion to yours as well as contributing to the general discussion surrounding film. The last thing a critic should do is tell the reader what the reader will like.

I 100% agree with the notion of a critic contributing discussion about the film, it helps get buzz and all that jazz, and for a lot of films, the topics discussed inside the film are interesting enough for the critic to just discuss the inner workings of the plot, but I feel a lot of the public takes too much of what critics say on the final verdict of liking the film to heart, which is not the critics fault, but the publics. I hear so many times, "Oh, I dont want to see that, it got bad reviews" its like unless you give me a reason from what was said IN the review as to why you dont want to see it, I dont see why just seeing a c+ next to a movie would keep you from seeing what you wanted to see.

Anyone agree? Disagree? Thoughts on film critics?

Monday, July 6, 2009

In the meantime...

Being totally late in Sturgis pictures, and nearing late in 4th of July pictures, here is what I did at work today!

Dad was about to throw out his 2008 Heroes calendar, and I thought the bathroom needed a bit of sprucing up...thus the project.

Hiro wants you to be careful during your task!

Hiro acknowledges a job well done.

Matt Parkman promotes proper hygiene!

Nathan Petrelli wanted to fly to the ceiling, but it was a bit too high for short little ole me....

My job rocks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Picnic Style!

In honor of the millions of picnics going on this weekend, in order to celebrate our Nation's Independence, I post a Nordyke family picnic from my youth. And by youth, I mean infanthood.
Check out those hotties. Oh wait, those are my, they still be cookin and good lookin!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stormy days sweeping the Dome Away!

This was last week already. But it was quite crazy. There were rumors that a tornado touched down near the Dome, but you can tell I had quite the view, and I never saw a twister.