Monday, April 5, 2010

Temporary Relocation

Here's where you can find me for the next four months to a year.....

Leave comments! Post questions! I like interaction! :)

Bunny Day. Love Jesus!

I spent the majority of my morning dropping 14 pounds from my suitcase (yes, tears were involved), so I don't have much time to spend time on this post, but we had such a lovely Easter yesterday that I wanted to put some good ones up.

Tim roasted this pork shoulder for FIFTEEN HOURS. It might as well have melted in our mouths..delish.
As for my request, my Grandma made three layer dessert. If you haven't had it, find it and devour it. Yum (just not as yummy as Mom's strawberry pretzel salad, thats just dangerous!)
You really don't want to know what happened right before this was taken...
All present and accounted for!