Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Three Things.

1) I had to transfer my own blood vials today. Blood is creepy.

2) I learned my mom's cat is on anti-depressants. Go figure. 

3) I am watching Jersey Shore over the Election coverage. Just tell me in the morning. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

For Me?!?!

Last weekend, Tim spent Friday night carving our pumpkin that we've had since September. I hadn't really planned on carving it, but he was dead set on it. So he did, and the kitties of course put in their opinions on it as well.

But little did I know that he had a reason! Saturday night, Tim picked me up from work (UNI football, I was beat) and he turned the opposite way of the house. Told we were picking up dinner, I was confused, because he had been to the grocery store at least three times that week, telling me he was going to make me dinner. Then he informs me there are people at the house, for me, cause they were all there to celebrate my birthday!!!

All Halloween decorated, balloons, tableclothes, little pumpkin tinsel and skull lights. It was absolutely adorable in the house. He'd even completely cleaned while I was at work! The food table had all sorts of snacks and smores and the pizza we'd picked up. The island had been turned into a drink station with hot chocolates and other fun beverages! It was awesome.

And the best part, set up on the porch was a portable little fire pit that he had bought. AWESOME. Smores year round! Right in the backyard!

It was a great night. Matt was there when I got home. The Day's from Next Level were first to arrive, and Nate came up from Des Moines, Julie came down from Minnesota and brought Nick who also had Brandon show up. Jayson brought a friend, and later Dieter showed up. It was a pretty sweet night. One I havent had in a long time. The bars were far more entertaining than normal (it being the weekend before Halloween and all) so we ended up closing down the bars. Something I havent done in well over a year or two. Craziness. Although, the craziness was only helped by the discovery of the glory of Rumchata.

I hate surprises, but I loved my surprise party. Great great night to remember :-)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

Pandora Pocahantas is ready to feast upon this November!