Saturday, December 13, 2008

DPP 13: UNI's Finale.

UNI lost today. But before I give the world's shortest play by play on a sport I SO do not understand, I will start by saying two things about the other team. 1) They were the most polite football team I have ever come across. I walked a camera all the way down the field, and the whole way down, the coaches, trainers, and players were nodding hello, saying good morning, and asking how my day was. Most of the time I don't even get grunts. 2) They were the spiders. The dumbest mascot ever. And the actual costume was even dumber than the thought of being the spiders. It looked like an ant with a devil haircut.

It was a sad game. UNI lost two of their best players to drug possession last month, and the team still pulled all the way through to the last game before the final championship in Tennessee. We all thought they were going to win. We were expecting a win. All three quarters we were winning. The last quarter too, until the final two minutes of the game. And they ran the ball down the field, and due to poor coaching, they won on the goal kick. It was crushing to watch. One of my cameras had a close up on a player. The last play was the worst of the whole game, and before it was even over, I watched the player lift his hands above his head and crumple to the ground. He didn't even kneel to the ground, it was as if he could not hold up his body anymore. The field emptied in almost silence. The crowd on the field after the game silently packed up their gear, barely looking at anyone. I don't even care about UNI, and it was painful to witness.

This is Nicole. She didn't like that we lost either, but she was happy enough to aim this XLR cable at my head. She really wanted to be my picture of the day, so here she is! I will now pretend to be an elementary student and tell you all about her! Nicole is from Chicago. She likes Oreo cookies. She follows Chicago sports like a true Chicago-ian. Nicole works at Channel 15. She lives near Alex. He wears loafers. They walk together. Nicole really likes to run the instant replay at the games, and likes the smocks that she has to wear even more. She might steal it. Naughty! The End. PS. She better comment on this post so I know she read it. Cause she is one cool kiddo!

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Aub-Margret said...

It really is too bad you lost. Then again, we were cheering for App State to come back to Chattanooga (major boost the economy), so we won't be cheering for the Spiders tomorrow.

Maybe, if you are still working for UNI and they get to come to Chattanooga for a championship, you can show us behind the scenes! Your work really interests me!

Alli from and