Friday, December 12, 2008

DPP 12: Naughty Me!

I am being naughty today. Instead of running for the rest of the afternoon, I am going to sit in bed, watch a zombie comedy western, and work on Christmas cards. I have done so good this week with eating well, running every day, and going to the rec. Today, I fail. But that means everyone will get Christmas cards that much sooner! Plus we are going to an early movie and who wants a sweaty girl sitting next to them while Keanu tries to blow up the world? Not me!

On a completely separate note, this weekend is my last football game of the year. For the past few games, I have fiercely wanted them to lose, mainly because everytime they win post regular season, it just means that one more game has been added to my work schedule. And almost all are televised (aka 4.5 hours long vs 3.5 hours). But this is the last chance to play at home, if they win this, its off to Chatanooga. So for that reason, GO PANTHERS!

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