Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hey now....

Tim: If I got you a new pair of gym shorts would you wear them?

Clare: What's wrong with these?!

Tim: They are roughly the size of Texas and you are no longer the size of Texas!

Clare: Are you insinuating that I WAS the size of Texas?!

Tim: Maybe Oklahoma?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Teaching the Teachers!

It's been a week since graduation, and I finally pulled out my take home tests last night to get started. I had glanced at the first page of questions when we originally received them, and had no stress about them. Well, maybe I should have looked a little harder, cause oops. They're going to take a little bit of time. And I leave on Wednesday for Boston for a few days. I gotta see my lovely girls! Its weird to think that its almost been a full year since Meg's wedding. Time has flown.

It seems almost as recent as last weekend's graduation! Although the past week seemed to CRAWL by. Every day felt like Thursday. But I got more done actually before Thursday than I did the entire two weeks I was gone. I did nothing but eat breathe and sleep yoga studies for 15 days. It didn't even feel like it at the time, but looking at my planner of my to do lists now, holy cow has it stacked up. I don't really mind though, James' teaching style and attitude was worth it to have to catch up on fifteen days right before another week away from home.

I can't say I agreed and liked James' style at first. He liked to "make our brains smoke" by throwing so much at us all at one time, just a little bit over what we felt like we could handle, and then changing the topic to something compeletely new. But after awhile, that really seemed like the best way to do it, because somehow subconsciously we kept processing everything and with practice upon practice in chunks and pieces of the sequencing, we all ended up getting it. And considering some of the people in my class, that was a totally amazing feat. Not that they weren't smart or good learners, it was just ALOT of information to process. And then to do it in front of a room of 20 people that knew EXACTLY how it was SUPPOSED to go, thats a lot of pressure.

Although, I must admit I am shocked at how good our group was. There wasn't really any negativity or eye rolling or people thinking they were better than anyone else. The energy was always positive and encouraging and uplifting, even in times of screw ups and mistakes. And James and Ann were a big part of that too. Even as the instructors, who's job it is to make sure that we know every little piece of information, they made it clear that it was ok to not know everything perfectly right away. Or even right away in that two weeks. Its not something that comes immediately, it takes time and experience, and they were so forgiving in all our little flubs, and when James would critique us he would even ask if we wanted them, because he didn't want us to think that he was insulting us and berating us with mistakes, but we all craved them. We wanted to know what he thought was wrong with our teaches and our ideas and he was open to not just saying what the problems were, but why it was that way, and what we could do to fix them in numerous ways in case one option didn't really fit our personality or style. It was all about us individually and making us be the best we could be in the way and style that we wanted to do it. And it was more motivating and productive than any strict teacher could have ever made us. We wanted to make him happy and wanted to hear what we could do better. He clearly was born to be a teacher of teachers. Striving for the best, but with an open mind that the best might be slightly different than the way he prefers it. You know you aren't going to change the way a 60 year old hippie goes into a headstand, so even though she is wrong, she can succeed in the headstand, so why bother?

His stories were absolutely crazy too. His growing up story alone was enough for me to be fascinated in him, but then to hear about all the different jobs he has continued to do, and the random hobbies and interests and even all the things that he learned from the one that taught HIM all of his yoga knowledge. Absolutely mind blowing. He has infinite knowledge in thee most RANDOM of topics and histories. Im sure he couldn't name a single city of Real Housewives, but he can go into great detail about the 100th Monkey Theory, or the SunEaters, or the buddhist retreat that involves people literally going into meditation for a full year, not eating or drinking ANYTHING, and surviving the experience. Just a wealth of information spurred on by just a seemingly random comment. I loved it. I love that kind of intellect. The amount of notes I took on things i wanted to google and research once I got home is kind of crazy. And most of them completely unyoga related ;-)

And I can't even get into how Ann has been practicing for only five years and is the most impressive yoga practitioner I have ever seen. The progress she has made from not touching her toes to going into handstand scorpion in that short amount of time just is a complete mind boggle. My brain might melt.

I suppose those tests won't fill themselves out just because I'm singing James' praise….

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Graduation Day!!!!

Day Fifteen: James Freestyle Level up Practice, Yoga Business, Personal Story/Goals, Personal Notes, Group Picture, Graduation Ceremony and Cake!
  • Wendy was super cute this morning and passed out mini flashlights so that we would all remember to let our lights shine. 
  • James introduced the concept of warming up on our own, going through sun salutations or anything we needed so we wouldn't have to waste class time doing them.
  • Because we warmed up ahead of time, we were able to go super freestyle and James put forward quite a few challenging, deep and fun poses. 
  • Poses like Spider, Turtle and half Crane! aka, poses that make you yelp, oh! my hamstrings and inner thighs!
  • But yet, getting into transverse lunge, I went  as deep as I could go, and looked around, thinking, going this deep looks like Im in a whole new position versus what it normally looks like!
  • Yoga studios are failing because their business models don't work. Very few and far between studio owners are actually making money right now. 
  • Sharing our thoughts on our own personal futures, its nice to hear Ann not just say that I am a good yoga teacher, but demand that I ask for a full time job, not just sign up for the sub list as a beginning.
  • The more famous you become in yoga, the more you think you're a rockstar, and quite a few yogis seem to think that way. Including S. Nardini apparently. And parties like one.
  • I love the idea of writing your name on a piece of paper, then passing it around the room so people can write you a little note on it. A perfect way to end 2 SOLID weeks together. Then the person right before you folds it into "origami" before giving it to you. Some creative ideas…thats for sure ;-)
  • It doesn't matter how organized or adult you are about it, taking a group picture and getting everyone in place is near impossible. 
  • Nothing reflected the experience more than sitting outside, and walking in the ceremony, across three yoga mats in any way we wanted (lots of bowing and curtsies) to get our certificates. 
  • James had three options. Handshake, high five, or hug. No fist bumping, chest bumping, or picking up. So cute.

  • I reached my time to get my diploma, "You better teach." Im telling you, these people know how to create confidence. 
  • There was even graduation cake for us! Sweet treats for sweet people.

  • Waiting to take pictures and say goodbye to James and Ann was like waiting in line for santa. And John was a great elf ;-)
  • Leaving that room was strange, knowing I wouldn't be back. So much time spent there. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muppets Make My Day Better.

Day Fourteen: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Adamantine Talk,Wellness Coach Sequencing, Intake, and Practice, Wellness Coach Demo
  • I had a Whole Foods bag behind me in class. So every downward dog...guess what I was thinking about. And there are a lot of downward dogs!
  • Someone decided to alter mat series today, adding in a rolling bow (twice), regular bow (twice), and knee pile. Not my favorite sequence. Ouch. 
  • Eyes kept closing, head kept nodding, I could NOT stay awake. Cranked the AC, no problems from there out!
  • Are there people that are born without nipples?
  • Yoga Wellness Coaches start their price range in comparison to an hour of personal massage. And then grow from there. I could handle that.
  • I need to research the Warrior Diet some more.
  • The Yoga Wellness Coaching really has led me to believe that this might be a path I want to take a closer look at. The real question is, do I have enough credibility, and would that be boosted if I got my personal training certificate?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Double Whammy! Days 12 &13.

Day Twelve: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Posture Analysis, Coaching Skills, Cross Training w/ TRX, Kettlebell
  • Its a good feeling when this many people are asking me if I've finally decided that I am officially going to teach, and then pushing me as hard as possible towards it. 
  • I think every person today has commented on my leg warmers at least once.
  • James likes to refer to Lordosis as Baby Got Back Syndrome.
  • As well as hearing, "It's show off your scoliosis day!"
  • It is 100% confirmed. The only thing holding me back from drop back backbends now, is fear. Its Buck it Up time!
  • When it's time for the dinner break, and someone makes us sit there listening to her debate on why its not ok for her to ask about her client's bowel movements, it makes me very very grouchy.
  • My head is still spinning with the notion of personal training certificates. Spinning in a good way. I hope. Scary.
  • A master yogi expecting more cardio and strength training other than their yoga practice makes me happy.
  • James sees everything, he noticed that I wore a HRM and called me out on it (positively). 
  • "Ever seen a ripped whale?" -James Miller
  • When you have done them for workouts more than just a few times, listening to presentations on the TRX and Kettlebells is more than boring. Especially at 8pm, hour 12 of the education day.
  • Still spinning with thoughts, and ideas, and reservations, and hesitation. 

Day Thirteen: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Health Concerns, Pre Natal Yoga, Nutrition
  • Today was my last day of group teaching practice. I did the finishing sequence which involved the Tingsha. I like to think I nailed it. Maybe I was supposed to be a performing monkey…
  • I am used to learning about the fun and interesting diseases. Learning about the normal ones is just downright boring and tedious.
  • Keeping my mouth shut during a conversation about how specialized medicine hurts us because doctors won't see outside of their box and therefore it is super common to have a misdiagnosis, took EVERY OUNCE of strength I had. But I refuse to be that person.
  • Today's random completely inappropriate topic right before the meal break….how she's bipolar and suicide attempts.
  • Over lunch, I laid my seat back in my car. I had 8 minutes to rest my eyes before going back to class. Next thing I know, its 20 minutes later. RUNNING into the hotel at break neck speed. 
  • It's amazing how much attention I have depends completely upon the topic being discussed. I can drink in one thing for three hours, and then be clawing at my eyes by hour one for others. Namely, prenatal yoga. Ugh.
  • Yoga training can be guaranteed one thing. At least one massage therapist. Aka. Table massages today! 
  • And that was a neck massage sent from the heavens and unicorn village.
  • A hyperactive super nazi nutritionist that tells you not to eat breakfast, not to use vitamins, and is a raw vegan, talking for 2.5 hours. Not a great night session.
  • Although I did learn that microwaves are illegal in Russia.
  • I am on a mission to find out my blood type. In the East, they hire people specifically for their blood type. Like, only A blood types can apply for this job….crazy isn't it? 
  • Also, that people's diets can be designated for their blood type. O blood types should NOT be vegetarians. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

RYT Day Eleven. Final Countdown.

Day Eleven: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Yoga Wellness Coaching, Mobility Testing & Choreography
  • "Silence is a gift"
  • James gave me Voice of the Day for my Mat Series. Both in front of the class and in private. Yay! :-)
  • Wendy and I figured out the perfect way to remember the Foundation series sequence. Just tattoo the whole sequence down your forearm….in stick men form.
  • It's hard to demonstrate your yogic strengths when you can't really do most of the original party tricks. 
  • Speaking of strength, I have a decent amount of upper body strength. From kickboxing and lifting and general movement, I am perfectly capable of doing pushups. But I can't. My arms just lock stuck at a certain point going down, and I can't get past a certain level before it crashes. This has annoyed me to no end watching other people succeed far more than I when they started in a worst place. It took until this course to understand. James is a huge advocate for opening up the shoulders. We do shoulder rolls 4 times in the sequence. Now multiply that by however many times we do it a day in practice and workshops and such. We are basically blowing open our shoulders into mobility. And its fantastic. At the gym the other day, I figured I should keep up the attempt like normal, and I lowered down to pushup position. And popped through a good 15 pushups from my toes, no problem. Lightbulb on! My shoulders are so tight and locked in that my chest physically couldn't open enough to get to the full expression of a pushup. Needless to say, the revelation is potentially life changing. At least at NLXF ;-)
  • I love surprising people with things, such as my hidden core strength. I do abs people. Lots and lots of them. You may not see them, but trust me, they're there.
  • But also with freakish things. James had me playing with my pigeon toed ness in front of the class, I didn't realize how much I could do with my feet that others couldn't.
  • Workshopping someone who is feigning to have polio with a bad short leg just seems like pure karma for all my DisneyWorld claims….

Sunday, July 15, 2012

RYT Day Ten. Sunday is not meant for resting.

Day Ten: Freestyle Hatha Practice, Chakra Theory, Changing Sequence / Ethics
  • Today's practice was James'  freestyle, and it was absolutely amazing. 
  • Hot, sticky, and sweaty, but there was gong. And gong fixes everything.
  • It never dawned on me that moving your calf muscle out of the way would make Hero pose a TON easier and safer on the knee….revelation, five years too late. 
  • Benji calling reverse shoulder roll the "peak position of tears" was absolutely hilarious. Its not even that bad!!
  • I've decided that I really really like when its a Freestyle Hatha practice, but interjected with a Kundalini power boost here and there. It just takes it to that edge that makes the end point that much more perfect.
  • "Let the mmm sound hang out and buzz in your face" - James Miller
  • I might have mentally checked out on accident and ended up participating in nap chakra.
  • Wild Thing just adds a certain flare to practicing freestyle sequencing.
  • After ten full days, people start to wear on you when they won't shut up. Meaning that getting out early, and skipping dinner to get out even earlier, doesn't happen because you keep talking about pointless things when we just want to leave and have relaxation and you like to hear yourself talk.
  • But 7pm is much much better than 9pm.

RYT Day Nine. Starting in the Sun!

Day Nine: Yoga in park / experiences / theory / anatomy / passive yoga (Thai yoga)

  • Yoga in the Park was an eye opener to how much we have been ruined by educating ourselves. But by ruined, I mean making ourselves so much better that we see all the things we know we will never want to do wrong.
  • Such as, giving someone breathing cues, everyone has different breath! Lateral Flextion, shudder. Creating a practice that has zero balance within the body. Calling out someone "special" in the crowd and catering to something they desire. 
  • I will never say things like loosey goosey oozy gooey spine, create an ice cream scoop with your butt, a piece of sky fell into my lentil soup…?!?!?
  • Theory and Anatomy were a bit rough, my eyes were just refusing to cooperate, no matter how much I was interested. 
  • The Psoas is your fear muscle. 
  • The Psoas supposedly also creates that falling sensation when you fall asleep sometimes. It occurs when the muscle fully relaxes.
  • During passive yoga (Thai), I felt a crazy pressure on my 5th chakra (throat) and heat on my 7th (third eye). I have no idea what this means, if anything, but it was a highly weird sensation. 
  • I felt like I woke from a coma after passive yoga was done. Talk about restful.
  • I never thought I would be one to even think about this, but i really contemplate moving on to the 500RYT. Not soon per say, but sometime. I really dig this. Plus James has the best setup for the remaining 300 hours, and the guy is a walking encyclopedia of yoga/wellness/thebody. Its insane. I could drink it up.

Just some amusing images I saw during the day. A lovely combination of strip mall stores. And the Clive Festival set up a water slide using the fire truck...PERFECT day for it.

    Friday, July 13, 2012

    RYT. Day Eight. Keep the poses straight!

    Day Eight: 90 min yoga flow, Practice Mat & Finishing series, Group teach entire class, Kundalini/Kriya Theory, Yoga Nidra/Gong Bath
    • Today started dreary and cool, and our wardrobes totally matched it. Everyone was in super comfy clothes, and I donned the pigtails. 
    • Morning practice was stronger and more focused than I expected after three straight nights of 5 hours of sleep.
    • My low back has healed extraordinarily fast, but my neck needs a bit more time, however not totally disabling.
    • I have never done jump up from plank very gracefully. I did it perfect once during practice, and every time after that was silent and strong. Funny how mental mind blocks are totally real.
    • My elbows have ceased the feeling of snapping in half during shoulder rolls.
    • There was a mini tangent on Gemology. I'm the first to roll my eyes at that stuff, but its certainly interesting.
    • I keep wishing for Adamantine studios to open near home. It sounds like the perfect style for me. And the most effective. 
    • "You can't create stillness through force"
    • "Yoga is seen as transformation, but its not. Its about what already is. It just uses transformation to show you what is in your inner being"
    • Thank god for smiley dancers in the front row to help you out during Group Teach when you completely blank on what to do after boat pose in the Mat Series. 
    • Some people just really annoy you. They need to learn that being the elder in age does not automatically make you the leader along with the actual educated instructors. 
    • The last hour before dinner was near impossible, my eyes kept closing no matter how interested I was in learning about the torture that is Kundalini style.
    • Chakras are fascinating. We didn't cover near enough. I want to know more!
    • In order to prep for the Gong bath after a dinner break, we had to get our bodies re-energized (and I don't mean the typical definition of energy). So we used Kundalini Kriya's in order to do so in about 35 minutes. 8 kriyas, and I was sweating and breathless and miserable. 
    • One such Kriya was bow pose, rocking forward and back on your stomach, breathing Lions breath with your tongue hanging out, for two full minutes. NOT pretty.
    • "Feel your ears hear…."
    • Something about those vibrations makes me want them every day for the rest of forever. You feel every millimeter of your skin. 
    • Driving under Gong shouldn't be allowed. DUG is definitely a dangerous and risky activity. You just simply don't care. 
    • Tonight marks the halfway point of our two week intensive. Feels like I've been here a year. And yet, only a few hours at the same time. 

    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Day Seven. Inversion Heaven.

    Practicing before dinner!

    Day Seven: 90 min yoga flow, Asymeterical Series Practice, Group Teach, Practice Workshops, Inversions

    • Way too many backbends the day before leads to ALL day back pain and atrocious formed cobras.
    • But besides that, I am getting extremely flexible. But 12 hour practices a day will do that after a full week. 
    • My shoulders have at least twice the opening ability that they had this time last week. Its insane. 
    • During practice, the stronger the ujjayi breathing of the person next to you, the better you can keep it going yourself. I have problems in this area. I just….get sidetracked.
    • Jonathon Goldman is THEE best savasana music ever. Especially 7th Chakra Chant. Its goose bump worthy.
    • The average person does three yoga poses over the course of their life. Lying down, seated, and standing. Take the relaxed calm feeling you had during final relaxation and bring it to your seated position, and then on through the rest of your day"
    • I am finding the poses of Asymmetrical Sequences are getting muddled with over practice. Its one big blur.
    • Todays compliment's involved me having cute outfits and having a vibrant presence during my group teach. I'll take it :-)
    • I have figured out my pronoun problem. I saw We and Our while doing the practice with them, but can get out the You and Yours while I am teaching as I watch. I must fix this somehow. 
    • "Show me what you think your best plank is"
    • Two straight days of this many group teach practices has me feeling like a little kid beat up on the playground by a big wooly Yeti.
    • I realize more and more how much of an introvert I am. I prefer to take my meal breaks in the car alone.
    • Tonights Inversions made me realize that they can be fun when instructed properly and efficiently. 
    • Example, don't go from half shoulder stand to shoulder stand. Go to shoulder stand from plow, its WAY easier and your back is able to get MUCH straighter.
    • For headstand, create a yamaka out of your hands. 
    • James gave me a headstand assist, but I totally rocked my own balance. I might actually succeed at inversions!
    • No way did I ever think I would be able to do a forearm stand. And I did. Whoa.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Day Six of Yoga Tricks.

    Day Six: 90 min yoga flow w / workshop, Sun salutations practice, Asymetrical Series workshop, Group Teach, Adjusts & Assists
    • Starting a practice with heavy thoughts will only lead to frustration and significant degeneration of mood.
    • Learning to teach yoga means lots of people practicing on you which also means a LOT of pushups and bruised knees. 
    • I learned I have hyperextended knees while workshopping pyramid in front of the class.
    • As it has been for my entire life, when speaking to a group, I need to SLOW DOWN.
    • Being told that I have a voice and style meant to teach yoga, makes me blush and smile really big. 
    • No SI stretch poses, sidebands, or pigeon. Ever. Yes, you heard me. No pigeon. 
    • My hips are a lot tighter than they used to be. Firelog used to be a breeze. I blame running. 
    • "Issues are in the tissues."
    • James made the declaration that I will be doing dropping back bends by the end of the intensive. I want to doubt that highly, but so far his instincts are amazing….we'll see!
    • Making a huge emotional/mental switch from a bogged down negative morning to an energy vibrant happy evening is a really good turn around.
    • In my class, we have a hippie widow that shares a hitch bit too much, a female Iraq vet, a hoola hoop instructor that lives in a van, and an ACT essay grader. 
    • I come and go so much from this hotel that most of the time, I totally forget where I parked. 
    • Learning pose adjustments and assists is not only super helpful, but also ridiculously nice to play the student and get all stretched out at the end of a long day.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    Day Five RYT: Highs and Lows. Rollercoaster!

    Day Five: 90 min yoga flow, group practice opening, sun salutations sequencing, group teach, Pranayama 

    • I am increasingly achey and cracky and sore as the week goes on. 
    • Laying on the floor during morning teach makes it a LOT easier.
    • The Clive YMCA is the Taj Mahal of YMCAs.
    • Teaching the first four minutes of class is the most intimidating thing on the planet. 
    • Teacher choreography is NOT my thing. 
    • Running out of granola and almonds at 4pm is a sad moment. (especialling on Clean diet).
    • My day shines when I learn sun salutations have no teacher choreography!
    • 26 Breaths of Fire Balancing Sequence. Holy Hallucinogenic in a matter of 60 seconds. 
    • I have decided Kundalini is a form of yogic torture. I like my Hatha just fine!
    • The 16th Breath has shown me just how uncoordinated my fingers are.
    • Pranayama makes you feel like you should be giving out peace signs, wearing tye dye and spending a lot of time in a VW bus…..

    Yesterday's yoga fashion.

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    Day Four RYT

    Day Four: 90 min yoga flow, Pose Workshop, Teaching Techniques, Teacher Choreography, Sanskrit
    • My focus this morning has been GREATLY increased by my cardio workout before class. 
    • 90 minute yoga practice flies by when done by a great teacher.
    • Backbends and inversions are incredibly frustrating when your back has been jacked up so many times. 
    • Years of completely failing at Ujjayi breath has finally come to an end!!  :-)
    • Workshopping poses with collegiate dancers can be pretty crazy to watch.
    • The 100th Monkey Theory and Buddhist Sansara Retreats make my brain melt with impossibility.
    • Repeat the same relaxation music time after time, it allows you to forget it exists. 
    • Using the word "wonky" during opening sequence is not encouraged. 
    • I am legitly terrified to group teach the opening sequence tomorrow. 
    • Sanskrit theory is fascinating.
    • Did I mention I am terrified?

    Curls and Ego Cuddles?

    I am FINALLY at a gym this morning, after two days without. And I feel like Barney blew up here. Not just his bright purple and acid yellow, but Barney's aura of smooshy love clearly remains.

    They say No Judgement, yet how can you not at least ponder the 50 year old at the free weights who has spider (spiderman style) tattoos on all four limbs. I mean really?

    Cardio feels amazing. Watching my FT40 hit 170 makes my heart soar (almost literally ;-) ).

    I could stay here all day, but itd be easier if I were a colorblind optimist, I mean a Lunk Alarm? Is this Chuckie Cheese?

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

    Day Three at RYT (it rhymes!)

    Day Three: Group practice, Theory, Anatomy
    • "There's riches in the niches"
    • Never have I felt like I was going to snap my elbows in half.
    • Hatha literally means sun/moon and represents the balance of active and passive poses.
    • Again, most people practice incorrectly as they go straight from Warrior One to Warrior Two. Keep your hips in the same place and create poses that follow that hip alignment!
    • I picked a much better spot to sit today, neck pain during a yoga intensive just doesn't seem right.
    • If I could start a yoga business, it would be in partner yoga. 
    • The body has far more wisdom than the brain. 
    • I have grotesque ankles that allow me to severely evert my ankles. I had no idea. 
    • Thanks to NLXF, I even think about sweating, I am drenched. Ick. 
    • We created new poses for forgotten animals, such as, hamster, shark, and unicorn.
    • No matter where I go, I cannot escape the Bear Crawl.
    • Today, my Clean diet isn't as miserable as yesterday. 
    • Being told that my voice stuck out as being unique in the positive way to the guy that hears HUNDREDS of yogi voices :-)
    • How can a clam cram into a clean cream can?

    Imploding my brain with yoga.

    I meant to write a post before I got here, explaining about my yoga journey in life so far, and that just didn't happen. And seeing as though in the past 48 hours, I've looked at Facebook for a total of about 45 seconds, that might help you understand just how insanely busy this next 15 days will be.

    8:30am-9:00pm. Every day. Including weekends. For 15 days straight. Thats a lot of knowledge being pounded into my brain. All I want to do is sleep as soon as Im done for the day. I don't even want to veg out with tv really, I just want bedtime.

    And food. But that's because I somehow stupidly decided to pair this experience with the Clean diet, but Im hoping ill end up being ok with that. At most I will get an hour of work out a day while I'm here on days that I can get up early enough to hit the gym.

    Anyways, I wanted to post a few thoughts every day while I was here, just pass on bits of interesting facts or personal lightbulbs as I go. It won't be as in-depth as it could be, or I would be typing twelve hours a day, because its all fascinating. But here's a MINISCULE teeny mini mind snatch of Day 1 & 2.

    Day One: Introductions

    • "Do what challenges you the most"
    • Realization that I've been instructed incorrectly through 99% of yoga classes
    • Balancing the body is far more complex than you would think it is. 
    • I have tightened up so much and lost so much of my fluid flexibility. Lost so much / tight
    • I'm really struggling with my desire to train to build this muscle like I have for the past year, knowing that I am now struggling with what used to come easy in yoga.
    • However, I do know I can build back to it rather easily, because I haven't lost as much ground as it feels.

    Day Two: Group practice, Theory, Anatomy, Partner/Acro Yoga

    • "98% of your body is brand new every 365 days"
    • Pigeon is a horrible pose for the mass majority of us.
    • Most of us have been doing Triangle wrong for years.
    • Emily and I  created a new partner yoga pose, "Horse pulls the Plow"
    • AcroYoga is the scariest fun you can do with just your body.

    Sunday, July 1, 2012

    Finding NemoMyla in July!

    Here's wishing everyone a wet & wild July!!
    Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!