Thursday, September 29, 2011

An Ode to the Bridal Filled Wedding!

An Ode to the Wedding:
The Brides came out, said their vows.
Everyone grinned and clapped, a few cheers were roused.
Cocktails mixed and drank, a tasty dinner was eaten.
But then there was the cupcakes, to which all the rest was beaten.
Cute and simple. As are the girls.
They looked simply radiant in their white and pearls.
Chatted with friends, remembered old times.
A lot of clinking for kisses, making those glasses chime!

Then came the dancing. How did we survive?
Everyone on the dance floor, all night long we jived.
Ceremony over, reception put to bed.
What comes next, bonfire and smores you said?!

The day was fantastic, there's no way it could have been equaled.
Best wedding I've ever been to, so next year, let's give it a sequel!

Pre Wedding Jitters? I mean, Lobster.

The day of the wedding, we drove down to Plymouth a bit early as to make the mandatory lunch stop at Lobster Hut. A personal favorite. Best lobster roll ever. Tim always picks the wrong things to eat. I mean, clam strips? Really? Shame. Always go for lobster!

We had time for a seaside walk around town, plus the weather was completely gorgeous and perfect to set up the wedding vibe!

Meg and Kate's wedding was at the Bourndale facility, meaning that all overnight wedding guests were staying in cabins on the grounds. We were given a cabin on our own due to the fact that everyone else that we knew was leaving right after the wedding. Pretty sweet cabins though, for a campground!

All dressed, primped, and ready to go to the wedding!!!!!

Throwback Thursday: Nordyke Clan.

My aunt and uncle are coming down from Wisconsin this weekend. Their daughter (my cousin, cause I'm pretty sure thats how that whole family tree thing works) is in some sort of volleyball tournament at Wartburg. And why not come say hello to the fam when you are only half an hour away?! I think the question is more why come down at all, but anyways. They are coming and so they are now the topic of this week's Throwback.

Margaret is third or fourth in the line of my dad's siblings, but the second and last girl. But don't let the femininity trick you, she's definitely a Nordyke when she opens her mouth. That must be why the look of lack of amusement on my face is totally present as she snuggles up in this picture. And her husband is the farthest one away in the picture. But I think my favorite part of this picture is John's stache that he is working, so 1980s. SOOOO 1980s.

We used to go visit Chicago and get together with all my dad's brothers and sisters several times a year. As a child of stubbornness and a general disdain for socializing, it was not my favorite weekend trips. They generally slowed down, happening less and less often, and now I think its pretty much down to weddings and the occassional high school graduation (not that there are many left of those).

Although now I suppose I should add volleyball tournaments to that list....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prancing around Boston.

Yeah, two posts in one day. It's like Christmas for you! ;-)

We had pretty much two free days to do our thing in Boston. Thursday was spent walking downtown, from the Emerson bookstore to Fanuiel Hall, and up the Downtown Crossing, doing some shopping. Quick lunch and then Tim walked me to Back Bay Yoga, where I was pretty pumped for a Hip Hop Yoga class. I won't go into it too much, but when you are in a dark room, with Eminem blaring for 8 minutes, I would never thought that self guided sun salutations could be that exhilerating. But for who knows what reason, it was absolutely fantastic. I want to do it again.

After yoga, we changed into our baseball getups and walked to dinner at the Salty Pig. Tim loved his meat and cheese platter (I gotta say, his was pretty tasty) but my fig and goat cheese pizza left me desiring actual figs, not just fig jam. Especially since I splurged on a pizza order! Oh well. Not too much time to lament the fact since we had to race to Fenway to make it the Red Sox / Yankees game. We got their in time, but finding our seats was harder than one would think, so the game had barely started by the time we sat down.
Let's just say that I do not find baseball to be entertaining, to put it nicely. I had meant to bring some magazines, but totally forgot, at least I had my iphone, right? And by the end of the fourth inning, Tim went and got me a GINORMOUS ice cream sundae and himself a Dunkin coffee. It was quite a chilly night, so the combo was pretty much perfect. But by the end of the seventh inning. My phone goes dark. Battery dead. Ultimate despair. What am I going to do? I somehow made it to the end, but I was definitely antsy to go. I mean, game started at 7, and then didn't end until after 11:30. That is a LONG time to sit in a seat after two days in a car. Watching baseball nonetheless. But Tim got to see a Yankees/Sox game at Fenway. So its worth it. Once. ;-)

Friday brought on something new for us. We finally went on a Ducktour. It was pretty entertaining, glad to be able to say that we have now done the tour that I spent much of my freshman year quacking at. Mac, our driver, was decent, but once you've lived in Boston, you've pretty much seen everything there is to see on a Ducktour, other than when the Ducks actually go in the water.

Stopped by the pru afterwards for some lovely Lululemon shopping (how can I resist?) and had the great debate about lunch. After quite the logistics thought process, we ended up at Mikes Deli in Coolidge Corner, eating the largest sandwiches on the planet. Washed down with Red Velvet Party Favors cupcakes. More shopping, including a massive drama session at Macy's. I finally picked to Coach purse to use my gift card on, and it turns out that our card number had been cleared out last July in a big hack, but yet, they didnt contact us until now that we were trying to use it. So no purse. Oh well.

One workout later, we were meeting Caroline at Friendly Toast. I swear everytime I see that girl its like I saw her last week. The dinner was cut relatively short though since my leftover sickness from the week before was kicking up pretty hard again, but it was great getting to see her. Back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and shopping bag destroyed room for our evacuation the next day to Plymouth for the wedding!!!!

Day Two of Driving to Boston.

I guess I know that something that happened three weeks ago is of zero interest to the world wide web, however, I have turned this into a journal of type so when I am old and crazy I can look back (Im sure I will have forgotten to even bother looking back, but not the point)! So here's a bit more of our journey out to Boston.

The second day we got to at least sleep until a decent hour, but were on the road by 8 in order to maybe hit up a few stampie sites before getting into Hartford. But first, we raced the clock in order to get into Dayton by 2pm so we could have First Watch for breakfast. Yes, people, it is that good. But we were going to miss it by minutes. So what do we do? 20 minutes outside of town, we order takeout. So the food was ready by the time we got there at 2:10, our only chance at getting the deliciousness. Off to the Dayton Aviation stamp site, which was a CRAZY maze of roads and exits to finally get to the site. But we did!
We made it to Hartford in time for dinner before Cirque Du Soleil, and in true Clare & Tim form, found an Irish Pub close by. Tim's shepard's pie might look like an albino cow pie, but sure didn't taste like one!
Next door at Cirque's Quidam, we were....not as thrilled as normal with the show. It clearly was one of their older shows. I mean, I love conceptual art and the whimsical creativity that Cirque brings to their shows. But I equally love the athletic tricks and talented body work segments that each show has as well. And this show was far lacking on the impressive stunts, and heavier on the concept art. Dark concept art at that. It had a very mental institution vibe. But it was a good time nonetheless.

Afterward, we drove the last two hours to pull into Boston for the night. And no matter what time it is, you have to take a walk down Tremont and Boylston as soon as you check in to the hotel. Its just. Demanded tradition! As is NYP....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Funday.

So in a manner very unlike myself, the only pictures I have from this past Sunday are a few super pixelated cell phone pictures, so you will just have to hear about it and visualize. Think deep thoughts. Although, I'm sure this is actually a pretty boring entry for most, almost repeatitive perhaps. Deal with it. Start your own blog and complain about how all other blogs say the same stuff over and over. Don't worry, I'd still probably read it. ;-)

Quick back story. Tim and I love Craig Ferguson. You know, the guy with the robot sidekick on CBS late night. The Scottish one. Yeah, that guy. He's hilarious. I've read his book and I saw tickets to see his stand up in Minneapolis and just couldn't resist.

We've spent quite a bit of money recently between summer trips and my extra stupid medical stuff, so we weren't really super up for shopping, but driving all the way up to arrive right before the show and drive right back afterwards seemed kinda silly, might as well make at least a half day out of it!

We left town around 11 to make it up just in time for a late lunch at Common Root, which as much as I usually totally love it, left something to be desired. They prepared my toasted bagel immediately and let it sit for the 20 minutes it took to get Tim's out, so it was cold, chewy, and cream cheese congealed by the time I got it....unpleasant.

So after a quick yogurt parfait (the ONLY thing I'll eat from McDs, and thats in dire need) Tim dropped me off at Corepower Uptown for a Fusion Hot Yoga. I cannot begin to explain how much I love this place. Not just Uptown, but all of them. I wish Minneapolis wasn't so freaking cold. I would move there in a heartbeat and IMMEDIATELY get trained by Corepower. Everytime I go I get closer and closer to just sucking it up and figuring out a way to get my certificate up there anyway. I just love the facilities and the style and their philosophy. Their style is the most perfect match to mine, it brings in the mental meditation, but its not totally hippy enough to exclude the athletic and exercise aspect of it. But yet still completely traditional. I feel like every time I go I have a mini break through in some aspect of my practice...anyways. Enough yoga talk.

By the time I got back to the car, the bad lunch long drive dreariness was gone and I was totally ready for the rest of the day! Not that one can be in a funk for long once they get to Whole Foods. We didn't spend too much time there since we had to drive a bit for the show, but we stocked up on a few nights dinners, Love Crunch, and driving snacks for after the show. I want Whole Foods in Cedar Falls. Please? Anyone? Make this happen for my birthday (which, ps. is a week from Friday ;-) ).

Made it to the casino in good time for the show. Now, I don't really feel the need to talk about it a lot, and I don't think I would do the disgust sadness feeling justice. But it was actually my first time in a casino and it was sickening. This wasn't Vegas, here for a good time occassion gamblers. It was the morbidly obese, crippled grandmas, can't afford to eat chain smokers playing the digital slots. Just gross. And repulsive.

BUT. Craig Ferguson was funny. His opener was really good too. I like the comics that don't go fear going to the jokes that might take it just a little too far. That's where I start to find things funny. And both the opener and Craig did not disappoint. The venue was pretty good too, minus the fact that it was a really big igloo. I wouldn't have been surprised to see penguins waddling around in scarves and mittens. Show started at 7, and Craig wrapped at 8:30. Normally I would feel ripped off, but I was so cold and the drive ahead was long enough that I was ok with it. Plus it took us a solid 25 minutes to get out of the parking lot for seemingly no reason...

Drive home went fast though, pulled back in a little after midnight. Somehow I managed to stay awake the whole drive home, but that definitely didn't last long once I pulled the blanket over me.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Partner Yoga needs a cooler name.

(Next time, I'm doing this one)

Last weekend I got the opportunity to participate in a partner yoga class down in Des Moines. I add the down in Des Moines part because Cedar Falls is barely smart enough to have a single yoga studio, so even the idea of them having a partner class is just totally out of the question. Plus, in going down early, I was able to catch a hot yoga class which always just leaves me sparkling. Well, dripping with sweat, but sparkling on the inside! I would have preferred a bit hotter in that particular class, I mean, I like it HOT. But still, coming out drenched is enough of a success I guess.

But the partner class later on was the most fun. We started off in sun salutations, and I know thats traditional and what not and thats not the part I mind. Its the fact that there were maybe 10 people in the class, and maybe half had done any type of yoga before at all. So these sun salutations were less than half the skill/intensity/whatever I am used to. There was quite a bit of eye rolling, I'll admit. But then started the fun part. And I mean super fun. Yoga is something that is usually done in the most serious of tomes, and I do really like that about it. In fact, when soccer moms get chatty in savasana, I generally want to go punch them in the throat. I mean, only to produce silence of course. But every once in awhile, its really fun to play around in poses and talk through them and just generally mess around and see how weird bendy you can get.

Then add in another person who is equally as into the yoga as you are, and someone you are totally comfortable and trusting of, and it gets almost even better. With a stranger, you have no idea if they are going to do something stupid or how far they can go in something, but when you know someone isn't going to sit on your sacrum and shatter it to pieces. Or pull your shoulder out of its socket. Or really just kick you in the face. Cause that would suck.

It's also crazy how physics plays a part in it too. You can go into something like double down dog thinking that a person who weighs a good chunk more than you do would feel like they were an anvil on your back, but in reality, its like they weigh ten pounds. So strange. Probably the reason that I don't get it was the same reason that I slacked and was in Physics B. Oh well. I still don't understand why if you drop a pencil in a car moving at 80 mph that it doesnt slam into the back window....*brainpain*

Anyways, it was a blast, and I highly suggest it for anyone. As I said, its more fun and playtime than it is serious. Its only serious in the fact that dont break your partner. Thats it. Plus, anyone can do it, yogis or non yogis alike. I promise!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome Home Pandora!

Tim and I were at Petsmart on Monday, and saw this adorabley precious kitty for adoption. She was the only one with energy and spunk, even though she only had three legs. Immediately I fell in love with her. But with three furry ones at home, every time I want a new one, I get shot down. UNTIL YESTERDAY! Tim called to ask if we could go get my birthday present after work (three week early, but sounds good to me!) so for the rest of the day, it was all about researching names for the new addition.

Picked her up, immediately purring. Car ride home went well. We holed up the cranky ones in the bedroom while we gave her free reign to explore. She loved it. Every cat before her has been timid in exploring. After five minutes, you would think she had lived here her whole life. Nessa was introduced first, no problems. Chillest cat in the world. Olivia and Myla were a bit slower. We thought Myla would be the hardest, but olivia is the one that is being bitchy. Its been about 36 hours now, and theres a few tense moments. But by the end of the weekend, I predict loving licks between the two. Really, with the energy they both have, they will be soul mates.

So here she is, the newest of the crazy bunch, Pandora.

We got her name narrowed down pretty quickly to between Padma and Pandora. But its pretty clear that this kitty is going to be a total box of insanity waiting to burst out, so Pandora it was!

Welcome to the crazy family, Pandora. Even with three legs, you’ll fit right in.

Throwback Thursday: July 1991

It's been awhile since I posted a Throwback, but I am currently working on Meg's wedding pictures, so here's a rather self explanatory one for you. The ultimate best part is Dad's facial expression.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I'm Loving Today

I have been such a negative nancy recently. Things seem to be going wrong left and right, day in and day out. But today. Today is good.

-Tonight I get to bring home my birthday present, a three legged, rambunctious kitty!
-Saturday just got a million times better, hot yoga, AND partner yoga class.
-The buzz I have going from DD Vanilla coffee
-The new Conan documentary waiting in my mailbox
-Brisk air telling me Fall is coming
-Dinner tonight involves taco turkey.
-My lower body is happily sore from yesterday's insane workout.

What are you loving today?

No really, I want to know. Think of just ONE thing (or ten if its a blissful day) and let's get the happy flow going!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fargo in the distance (FAR distance)

Yet one more round of Common Roots after getting up crazy early to get the drive started. The stop for brunch and Whole Foods was a nice halfway break in the drive on our way home!

Never ending drive....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pause for Back to Fargo

Yeah, I spent a full week on a road trip to and from New England, and I only posted about the first day. I know, I know. But for a brief moment I am going to go back to the Fargo trip. Mainly because I have over 500 pictures from Labor Day weekend and the trip and I really just don't have the focus to sort those right now (Coke Zero and Burn Notice are keeping me focused)

Before we left Minneapolis to make the trek up North, we had yet another meal at Common Root Cafe. Any place that I can order granola, fruit, and yogurt is up there in my book!

Tim went straight to the rehearsal, while I spent some time in the gym (thank god for hotel gyms) and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner at a golf course. We were running a bit late by the time he picked me up, and I was getting worried about finding it!
But eventually we did, introductions to the wedding party were made, crackers were eaten, toasts were made, bbq sandwiches eaten, and gifts passed out. Members of the wedding party were feeling sick (three straight days of drinking will do that) so the rehearsal dinner was pretty fast before we headed out. Tim and I made a short tour of Fargo, visited Target, and might have grabbed a snack at Qdoba.....

Saturday was another drive around Fargo, trying to find the Farmers Market, and after a few failures, we found a different one that gave us the total hook up in produce and baked goods! Cranberry orange scones and 7 layer bars.....but then he had to go do the pictures thing after a last "boys lunch" so I spent the entire the gym, shocker, I know. But I made it to the wedding on time (barely) and saw the ceremony with Tim up front, and we drove to the reception at our hotel. Candy bar, dessert buffet, kiev dinner. Food was CONSUMED.

I was put at a table with other wives and significant others to the wedding party, only they all knew each other and I knew no one. So I made my early escape after toasts. I felt so atrocious after so much food that I needed to get some more cardio in so I could sleep comfortably. But not without a mirror photo shoot first....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saddle Up September!!

It's a week late, but here's your September kitcat picture!