Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Starbucks is down the block...

4 new, 18 total this morning. And they were REALLY chatty before class, took awhile to settle down.

But then AFTER class, during savasana, mere seconds after leaving the room, I turned back to go in again because I forgot the juice, and it was just as loud as before class, and I'm NOT ok with that, there are people trying to relax and hang out for a few minutes in total relaxation. And I had even asked to respect other peoples quiet time.

So as I walked through to get the juice, I called out to respect others in silence as they try to relax in a slightly more serious tone. Didn't lower the noise in the slightest. Two were hardcore talkers, but I think those let others get away with smaller chatter, but at full volume.

A regular came out and talked about how annoying it was, and she was really surprised at my coming BACK in to call them out, but was clearly grateful. Although she did say that the first thing they started talking about was how awesome it was….so how mad can I really stay?