Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 1: December Photo Project!

So, I have been looking for something to blog about thats a little different, that might keep me more consistent. I found it! Its called the December Photo Project and once a day for month of December, I will post some part of my day, my life, my world. I hope to keep it interesting, and yet let it be just a window into my life as it is right now.

As it is actually December 2nd, I will end up posting two entries today to catch up. I am actually quite excited about this. Hope you all can keep up!

This first post is dedicated to a topic that I hope to steer away from for the rest of the month, mainly because otherwise, I would let it be in every single picture. My two precious children, my kitties, Myla and Nessa.

But it actually fits, because this morning, I woke up a little early, and found it to be that perfect winter morning. The snow is bright, the sky is clear, and the sun glows yellow, splashing patches all over the carpet. This is my kitties favorite morning past time, lounging and sunbathing. It just so happens that todays session is in the midst of our newly decorated tree.


Linds said...

Steal away :) I'm glad you have some inspiration. I thought it was a fun idea.

I love the second picture!

More to come on the move, but we can't reveal too much yet.

Trish said...

Hello there,
I was going through some of the DPP blogs and saw yours. I had to comment about your picture with your kitty. I had my kids come over and look at it too... We have a cat that looks exactly like yours...and he loves stretching out in the middle of a sunbeam on the floor. He's an indoor/outdoor cat (we have quite a bit of land) and sometimes we don't see him for several days. He always comes back, so we joke that he must go to be with his "other family". Maybe you're the "other family"! One of my sons has even written a little story for school about what the cat's "other family" could be like. You are now a part of our mystery...
Merry Christmas

Trish said...

I took your advice. Of course I should post a picture of our Christmas Kitty. What a great idea... his name, after all, is Christmas! He's been gone for a day...take good care of him :-)