Friday, July 13, 2012

RYT. Day Eight. Keep the poses straight!

Day Eight: 90 min yoga flow, Practice Mat & Finishing series, Group teach entire class, Kundalini/Kriya Theory, Yoga Nidra/Gong Bath
  • Today started dreary and cool, and our wardrobes totally matched it. Everyone was in super comfy clothes, and I donned the pigtails. 
  • Morning practice was stronger and more focused than I expected after three straight nights of 5 hours of sleep.
  • My low back has healed extraordinarily fast, but my neck needs a bit more time, however not totally disabling.
  • I have never done jump up from plank very gracefully. I did it perfect once during practice, and every time after that was silent and strong. Funny how mental mind blocks are totally real.
  • My elbows have ceased the feeling of snapping in half during shoulder rolls.
  • There was a mini tangent on Gemology. I'm the first to roll my eyes at that stuff, but its certainly interesting.
  • I keep wishing for Adamantine studios to open near home. It sounds like the perfect style for me. And the most effective. 
  • "You can't create stillness through force"
  • "Yoga is seen as transformation, but its not. Its about what already is. It just uses transformation to show you what is in your inner being"
  • Thank god for smiley dancers in the front row to help you out during Group Teach when you completely blank on what to do after boat pose in the Mat Series. 
  • Some people just really annoy you. They need to learn that being the elder in age does not automatically make you the leader along with the actual educated instructors. 
  • The last hour before dinner was near impossible, my eyes kept closing no matter how interested I was in learning about the torture that is Kundalini style.
  • Chakras are fascinating. We didn't cover near enough. I want to know more!
  • In order to prep for the Gong bath after a dinner break, we had to get our bodies re-energized (and I don't mean the typical definition of energy). So we used Kundalini Kriya's in order to do so in about 35 minutes. 8 kriyas, and I was sweating and breathless and miserable. 
  • One such Kriya was bow pose, rocking forward and back on your stomach, breathing Lions breath with your tongue hanging out, for two full minutes. NOT pretty.
  • "Feel your ears hear…."
  • Something about those vibrations makes me want them every day for the rest of forever. You feel every millimeter of your skin. 
  • Driving under Gong shouldn't be allowed. DUG is definitely a dangerous and risky activity. You just simply don't care. 
  • Tonight marks the halfway point of our two week intensive. Feels like I've been here a year. And yet, only a few hours at the same time. 

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