Sunday, July 8, 2012

Imploding my brain with yoga.

I meant to write a post before I got here, explaining about my yoga journey in life so far, and that just didn't happen. And seeing as though in the past 48 hours, I've looked at Facebook for a total of about 45 seconds, that might help you understand just how insanely busy this next 15 days will be.

8:30am-9:00pm. Every day. Including weekends. For 15 days straight. Thats a lot of knowledge being pounded into my brain. All I want to do is sleep as soon as Im done for the day. I don't even want to veg out with tv really, I just want bedtime.

And food. But that's because I somehow stupidly decided to pair this experience with the Clean diet, but Im hoping ill end up being ok with that. At most I will get an hour of work out a day while I'm here on days that I can get up early enough to hit the gym.

Anyways, I wanted to post a few thoughts every day while I was here, just pass on bits of interesting facts or personal lightbulbs as I go. It won't be as in-depth as it could be, or I would be typing twelve hours a day, because its all fascinating. But here's a MINISCULE teeny mini mind snatch of Day 1 & 2.

Day One: Introductions

  • "Do what challenges you the most"
  • Realization that I've been instructed incorrectly through 99% of yoga classes
  • Balancing the body is far more complex than you would think it is. 
  • I have tightened up so much and lost so much of my fluid flexibility. Lost so much / tight
  • I'm really struggling with my desire to train to build this muscle like I have for the past year, knowing that I am now struggling with what used to come easy in yoga.
  • However, I do know I can build back to it rather easily, because I haven't lost as much ground as it feels.

Day Two: Group practice, Theory, Anatomy, Partner/Acro Yoga

  • "98% of your body is brand new every 365 days"
  • Pigeon is a horrible pose for the mass majority of us.
  • Most of us have been doing Triangle wrong for years.
  • Emily and I  created a new partner yoga pose, "Horse pulls the Plow"
  • AcroYoga is the scariest fun you can do with just your body.

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