Sunday, July 22, 2012

Graduation Day!!!!

Day Fifteen: James Freestyle Level up Practice, Yoga Business, Personal Story/Goals, Personal Notes, Group Picture, Graduation Ceremony and Cake!
  • Wendy was super cute this morning and passed out mini flashlights so that we would all remember to let our lights shine. 
  • James introduced the concept of warming up on our own, going through sun salutations or anything we needed so we wouldn't have to waste class time doing them.
  • Because we warmed up ahead of time, we were able to go super freestyle and James put forward quite a few challenging, deep and fun poses. 
  • Poses like Spider, Turtle and half Crane! aka, poses that make you yelp, oh! my hamstrings and inner thighs!
  • But yet, getting into transverse lunge, I went  as deep as I could go, and looked around, thinking, going this deep looks like Im in a whole new position versus what it normally looks like!
  • Yoga studios are failing because their business models don't work. Very few and far between studio owners are actually making money right now. 
  • Sharing our thoughts on our own personal futures, its nice to hear Ann not just say that I am a good yoga teacher, but demand that I ask for a full time job, not just sign up for the sub list as a beginning.
  • The more famous you become in yoga, the more you think you're a rockstar, and quite a few yogis seem to think that way. Including S. Nardini apparently. And parties like one.
  • I love the idea of writing your name on a piece of paper, then passing it around the room so people can write you a little note on it. A perfect way to end 2 SOLID weeks together. Then the person right before you folds it into "origami" before giving it to you. Some creative ideas…thats for sure ;-)
  • It doesn't matter how organized or adult you are about it, taking a group picture and getting everyone in place is near impossible. 
  • Nothing reflected the experience more than sitting outside, and walking in the ceremony, across three yoga mats in any way we wanted (lots of bowing and curtsies) to get our certificates. 
  • James had three options. Handshake, high five, or hug. No fist bumping, chest bumping, or picking up. So cute.

  • I reached my time to get my diploma, "You better teach." Im telling you, these people know how to create confidence. 
  • There was even graduation cake for us! Sweet treats for sweet people.

  • Waiting to take pictures and say goodbye to James and Ann was like waiting in line for santa. And John was a great elf ;-)
  • Leaving that room was strange, knowing I wouldn't be back. So much time spent there. 

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