Monday, July 16, 2012

RYT Day Eleven. Final Countdown.

Day Eleven: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Yoga Wellness Coaching, Mobility Testing & Choreography
  • "Silence is a gift"
  • James gave me Voice of the Day for my Mat Series. Both in front of the class and in private. Yay! :-)
  • Wendy and I figured out the perfect way to remember the Foundation series sequence. Just tattoo the whole sequence down your forearm….in stick men form.
  • It's hard to demonstrate your yogic strengths when you can't really do most of the original party tricks. 
  • Speaking of strength, I have a decent amount of upper body strength. From kickboxing and lifting and general movement, I am perfectly capable of doing pushups. But I can't. My arms just lock stuck at a certain point going down, and I can't get past a certain level before it crashes. This has annoyed me to no end watching other people succeed far more than I when they started in a worst place. It took until this course to understand. James is a huge advocate for opening up the shoulders. We do shoulder rolls 4 times in the sequence. Now multiply that by however many times we do it a day in practice and workshops and such. We are basically blowing open our shoulders into mobility. And its fantastic. At the gym the other day, I figured I should keep up the attempt like normal, and I lowered down to pushup position. And popped through a good 15 pushups from my toes, no problem. Lightbulb on! My shoulders are so tight and locked in that my chest physically couldn't open enough to get to the full expression of a pushup. Needless to say, the revelation is potentially life changing. At least at NLXF ;-)
  • I love surprising people with things, such as my hidden core strength. I do abs people. Lots and lots of them. You may not see them, but trust me, they're there.
  • But also with freakish things. James had me playing with my pigeon toed ness in front of the class, I didn't realize how much I could do with my feet that others couldn't.
  • Workshopping someone who is feigning to have polio with a bad short leg just seems like pure karma for all my DisneyWorld claims….

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