Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Double Whammy! Days 12 &13.

Day Twelve: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Posture Analysis, Coaching Skills, Cross Training w/ TRX, Kettlebell
  • Its a good feeling when this many people are asking me if I've finally decided that I am officially going to teach, and then pushing me as hard as possible towards it. 
  • I think every person today has commented on my leg warmers at least once.
  • James likes to refer to Lordosis as Baby Got Back Syndrome.
  • As well as hearing, "It's show off your scoliosis day!"
  • It is 100% confirmed. The only thing holding me back from drop back backbends now, is fear. Its Buck it Up time!
  • When it's time for the dinner break, and someone makes us sit there listening to her debate on why its not ok for her to ask about her client's bowel movements, it makes me very very grouchy.
  • My head is still spinning with the notion of personal training certificates. Spinning in a good way. I hope. Scary.
  • A master yogi expecting more cardio and strength training other than their yoga practice makes me happy.
  • James sees everything, he noticed that I wore a HRM and called me out on it (positively). 
  • "Ever seen a ripped whale?" -James Miller
  • When you have done them for workouts more than just a few times, listening to presentations on the TRX and Kettlebells is more than boring. Especially at 8pm, hour 12 of the education day.
  • Still spinning with thoughts, and ideas, and reservations, and hesitation. 

Day Thirteen: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Health Concerns, Pre Natal Yoga, Nutrition
  • Today was my last day of group teaching practice. I did the finishing sequence which involved the Tingsha. I like to think I nailed it. Maybe I was supposed to be a performing monkey…
  • I am used to learning about the fun and interesting diseases. Learning about the normal ones is just downright boring and tedious.
  • Keeping my mouth shut during a conversation about how specialized medicine hurts us because doctors won't see outside of their box and therefore it is super common to have a misdiagnosis, took EVERY OUNCE of strength I had. But I refuse to be that person.
  • Today's random completely inappropriate topic right before the meal break….how she's bipolar and suicide attempts.
  • Over lunch, I laid my seat back in my car. I had 8 minutes to rest my eyes before going back to class. Next thing I know, its 20 minutes later. RUNNING into the hotel at break neck speed. 
  • It's amazing how much attention I have depends completely upon the topic being discussed. I can drink in one thing for three hours, and then be clawing at my eyes by hour one for others. Namely, prenatal yoga. Ugh.
  • Yoga training can be guaranteed one thing. At least one massage therapist. Aka. Table massages today! 
  • And that was a neck massage sent from the heavens and unicorn village.
  • A hyperactive super nazi nutritionist that tells you not to eat breakfast, not to use vitamins, and is a raw vegan, talking for 2.5 hours. Not a great night session.
  • Although I did learn that microwaves are illegal in Russia.
  • I am on a mission to find out my blood type. In the East, they hire people specifically for their blood type. Like, only A blood types can apply for this job….crazy isn't it? 
  • Also, that people's diets can be designated for their blood type. O blood types should NOT be vegetarians. 

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