Sunday, July 15, 2012

RYT Day Ten. Sunday is not meant for resting.

Day Ten: Freestyle Hatha Practice, Chakra Theory, Changing Sequence / Ethics
  • Today's practice was James'  freestyle, and it was absolutely amazing. 
  • Hot, sticky, and sweaty, but there was gong. And gong fixes everything.
  • It never dawned on me that moving your calf muscle out of the way would make Hero pose a TON easier and safer on the knee….revelation, five years too late. 
  • Benji calling reverse shoulder roll the "peak position of tears" was absolutely hilarious. Its not even that bad!!
  • I've decided that I really really like when its a Freestyle Hatha practice, but interjected with a Kundalini power boost here and there. It just takes it to that edge that makes the end point that much more perfect.
  • "Let the mmm sound hang out and buzz in your face" - James Miller
  • I might have mentally checked out on accident and ended up participating in nap chakra.
  • Wild Thing just adds a certain flare to practicing freestyle sequencing.
  • After ten full days, people start to wear on you when they won't shut up. Meaning that getting out early, and skipping dinner to get out even earlier, doesn't happen because you keep talking about pointless things when we just want to leave and have relaxation and you like to hear yourself talk.
  • But 7pm is much much better than 9pm.

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