Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Seven. Inversion Heaven.

Practicing before dinner!

Day Seven: 90 min yoga flow, Asymeterical Series Practice, Group Teach, Practice Workshops, Inversions

  • Way too many backbends the day before leads to ALL day back pain and atrocious formed cobras.
  • But besides that, I am getting extremely flexible. But 12 hour practices a day will do that after a full week. 
  • My shoulders have at least twice the opening ability that they had this time last week. Its insane. 
  • During practice, the stronger the ujjayi breathing of the person next to you, the better you can keep it going yourself. I have problems in this area. I just….get sidetracked.
  • Jonathon Goldman is THEE best savasana music ever. Especially 7th Chakra Chant. Its goose bump worthy.
  • The average person does three yoga poses over the course of their life. Lying down, seated, and standing. Take the relaxed calm feeling you had during final relaxation and bring it to your seated position, and then on through the rest of your day"
  • I am finding the poses of Asymmetrical Sequences are getting muddled with over practice. Its one big blur.
  • Todays compliment's involved me having cute outfits and having a vibrant presence during my group teach. I'll take it :-)
  • I have figured out my pronoun problem. I saw We and Our while doing the practice with them, but can get out the You and Yours while I am teaching as I watch. I must fix this somehow. 
  • "Show me what you think your best plank is"
  • Two straight days of this many group teach practices has me feeling like a little kid beat up on the playground by a big wooly Yeti.
  • I realize more and more how much of an introvert I am. I prefer to take my meal breaks in the car alone.
  • Tonights Inversions made me realize that they can be fun when instructed properly and efficiently. 
  • Example, don't go from half shoulder stand to shoulder stand. Go to shoulder stand from plow, its WAY easier and your back is able to get MUCH straighter.
  • For headstand, create a yamaka out of your hands. 
  • James gave me a headstand assist, but I totally rocked my own balance. I might actually succeed at inversions!
  • No way did I ever think I would be able to do a forearm stand. And I did. Whoa.

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