Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day Six of Yoga Tricks.

Day Six: 90 min yoga flow w / workshop, Sun salutations practice, Asymetrical Series workshop, Group Teach, Adjusts & Assists
  • Starting a practice with heavy thoughts will only lead to frustration and significant degeneration of mood.
  • Learning to teach yoga means lots of people practicing on you which also means a LOT of pushups and bruised knees. 
  • I learned I have hyperextended knees while workshopping pyramid in front of the class.
  • As it has been for my entire life, when speaking to a group, I need to SLOW DOWN.
  • Being told that I have a voice and style meant to teach yoga, makes me blush and smile really big. 
  • No SI stretch poses, sidebands, or pigeon. Ever. Yes, you heard me. No pigeon. 
  • My hips are a lot tighter than they used to be. Firelog used to be a breeze. I blame running. 
  • "Issues are in the tissues."
  • James made the declaration that I will be doing dropping back bends by the end of the intensive. I want to doubt that highly, but so far his instincts are amazing….we'll see!
  • Making a huge emotional/mental switch from a bogged down negative morning to an energy vibrant happy evening is a really good turn around.
  • In my class, we have a hippie widow that shares a hitch bit too much, a female Iraq vet, a hoola hoop instructor that lives in a van, and an ACT essay grader. 
  • I come and go so much from this hotel that most of the time, I totally forget where I parked. 
  • Learning pose adjustments and assists is not only super helpful, but also ridiculously nice to play the student and get all stretched out at the end of a long day.

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