Sunday, July 15, 2012

RYT Day Nine. Starting in the Sun!

Day Nine: Yoga in park / experiences / theory / anatomy / passive yoga (Thai yoga)

  • Yoga in the Park was an eye opener to how much we have been ruined by educating ourselves. But by ruined, I mean making ourselves so much better that we see all the things we know we will never want to do wrong.
  • Such as, giving someone breathing cues, everyone has different breath! Lateral Flextion, shudder. Creating a practice that has zero balance within the body. Calling out someone "special" in the crowd and catering to something they desire. 
  • I will never say things like loosey goosey oozy gooey spine, create an ice cream scoop with your butt, a piece of sky fell into my lentil soup…?!?!?
  • Theory and Anatomy were a bit rough, my eyes were just refusing to cooperate, no matter how much I was interested. 
  • The Psoas is your fear muscle. 
  • The Psoas supposedly also creates that falling sensation when you fall asleep sometimes. It occurs when the muscle fully relaxes.
  • During passive yoga (Thai), I felt a crazy pressure on my 5th chakra (throat) and heat on my 7th (third eye). I have no idea what this means, if anything, but it was a highly weird sensation. 
  • I felt like I woke from a coma after passive yoga was done. Talk about restful.
  • I never thought I would be one to even think about this, but i really contemplate moving on to the 500RYT. Not soon per say, but sometime. I really dig this. Plus James has the best setup for the remaining 300 hours, and the guy is a walking encyclopedia of yoga/wellness/thebody. Its insane. I could drink it up.

Just some amusing images I saw during the day. A lovely combination of strip mall stores. And the Clive Festival set up a water slide using the fire truck...PERFECT day for it.

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