Thursday, July 19, 2012

Muppets Make My Day Better.

Day Fourteen: Student Led Practice, Feedback, Adamantine Talk,Wellness Coach Sequencing, Intake, and Practice, Wellness Coach Demo
  • I had a Whole Foods bag behind me in class. So every downward dog...guess what I was thinking about. And there are a lot of downward dogs!
  • Someone decided to alter mat series today, adding in a rolling bow (twice), regular bow (twice), and knee pile. Not my favorite sequence. Ouch. 
  • Eyes kept closing, head kept nodding, I could NOT stay awake. Cranked the AC, no problems from there out!
  • Are there people that are born without nipples?
  • Yoga Wellness Coaches start their price range in comparison to an hour of personal massage. And then grow from there. I could handle that.
  • I need to research the Warrior Diet some more.
  • The Yoga Wellness Coaching really has led me to believe that this might be a path I want to take a closer look at. The real question is, do I have enough credibility, and would that be boosted if I got my personal training certificate?

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