Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Four RYT

Day Four: 90 min yoga flow, Pose Workshop, Teaching Techniques, Teacher Choreography, Sanskrit
  • My focus this morning has been GREATLY increased by my cardio workout before class. 
  • 90 minute yoga practice flies by when done by a great teacher.
  • Backbends and inversions are incredibly frustrating when your back has been jacked up so many times. 
  • Years of completely failing at Ujjayi breath has finally come to an end!!  :-)
  • Workshopping poses with collegiate dancers can be pretty crazy to watch.
  • The 100th Monkey Theory and Buddhist Sansara Retreats make my brain melt with impossibility.
  • Repeat the same relaxation music time after time, it allows you to forget it exists. 
  • Using the word "wonky" during opening sequence is not encouraged. 
  • I am legitly terrified to group teach the opening sequence tomorrow. 
  • Sanskrit theory is fascinating.
  • Did I mention I am terrified?

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