Friday, August 14, 2009

I know my ABC's.

Recently, I have seen a lot of books that I want to read. Some are books that I might not actually have the guts to purchase, but at least get from the library....ok, totally not true, I haven't been to a library in at least a decade, but its the thought of trying not to waste money, right? I'll probably get a few in my upcoming birthday and Christmas. Yes, Christmas is still 4 months away, but I am currently in the middle of a 600pager, and its taking FOREVER. Mainly because its Big Brother season, and I am consumed by its trashiness :)

But here's what I am desiring to fill my mind with. Some I am proud to admit to, others, a titch bit of shame shortly follows....

World War Z: Max Brooks. An Oral History of Zombies? SIGN ME UP!

The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown. I got sucked into the craze. Plus, I WILL find that FreeMason treasure. I will.

In the President's Secret Service: Ronald Kessler. I just tend to find these kind of stories super interesting.

Banksy book: Wall and Piece. This guy is insanely awesome. His work is sweet.

And the shameful....
Evernight: Claudia Gray (Vampires)
Girls Next Door coffeetable book (Blondes with boobs)
Why We Suck: Denis Leary (He is the reason my dorm banned the roof)
I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell "extended": Tucker Max (I cried laughing at the first)
Bro Code: NPH (probably just to flip through)
Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead (More vampires)
Host: Stephanie Meyer (Let's see if she can write more than vampires...)

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