Monday, August 24, 2009

Like a Western....

Sometimes I just like lists. (Idea stolen from Tim)

The Good:
1. Tim's stylish new glasses
2. Myla snuggles in the morning
3. Seeing my intelligent conversation friends soon
4. Los Angeles!
5. Ordering clothes online
6. Videoboard stories and kids
7. Tim being a smartass to his tool of a brother
8. Trying a new recipe for dinner tonight
9. Gorgeous weather for now
10. Upcoming fall weather and smells
11. Playing games with my family
12. Cooking meals for my family
13. Nessa bonding showertime
14. Dunkin hazelnut coffee with two splendas and dash of milk
15. Tim and I totally getting sucked in to Jeff and Jordan

The Bad:
1. Running on little sleep today
2. Fatness
3. Being stressed about an originally awesome sounding trip
4. About to lose my Saturday afternoons
5. Running at 8am every day

The Ugly:
1. Nessa puke near the cat dish

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