Thursday, August 27, 2009

Throwback Thursday: Feline Future

Today's throwback is inspired by the events of last night. As you can see from the olden picture, I have always had an affinity for my feline friends (and very flippy hair). And last night, Tim surprised me with a trip to the Vinton Animal Shelter. To rewind a bit, I have been telling everyone that I am getting a kitty for my birthday (not til October) so that he is strongly informed that my little kitties need a sister! And so last night, he drove me down to the shelter that Aero was being kept. See here for the story on Aero. But we ultimately decided that she is a bit too shy and anti-social to be a good fit.

So we looked around some more, and found Jasper. Jasper captured my attention at first, but after less than five minutes, we found him to be off the wall crazy. Climbing and play biting and scratching and acting like he was literally on some sort of crack. That put the kabosh on Jasper. But as we were leaving, we saw the corner cage in the far back, and inside was the sweetest grey and white kitten ever. Puffy and adorable and wanting lovin. I held her and she just burrowed deeper into my chest. Adorable. That leaves us where we are now. Waiting to her about her FLV testing, and for her to get fixed and all vaccinated up. And then after our Labor Day vacations, Laney is coming home!! Story is that she was named Laney after coming to the shelter after being thrown out of the car. :( Poor girl, she will be spoiled rotten now!

For more pictures, and if you want to get your own precious purrer:

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