Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye Lovely City.

Our last day. I think my body knew we were leaving and refused to go to sleep. It also was wide awake as soon as it was time to get up. It's a sign. But we had our last minute errands to do, so we made the trek down Boylston to get some Emerson gear at the bookstore (I would never wear it there, but here, its the best) and then continue on to get another stamp for my book and down to Faneuil Hall for some last minute gifts. The Boston Fire Dept. was selling some shirts, and I generally stay away from that stuff, but these were too sweet not to get.

After our last shopping lap, we were joined by Justin, my lovely friend that I met freshman year, who actually ended up being Tim's roommate the next year. Despite being a native (or moreso becuase hes a native) he had never eaten at Cheers, so we decided to fix that. And then he joined us on our final walk through Boston, downtown, the Commons, Newbury. After a prolonged and sad goodbye, and a detour into Best Buy so we didnt have to say goodbye, we took off towards the airport. Turbulence on the first flight, but otherwise a totally uneventful trip through Minneapolis to meet my family in Waterloo. Below, Christopher and Linnea show off their Boston souvenoir. Who doesn't want a lobster hat?!

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