Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Love, and New Love!

Been awhile, so let's knock out two great topics in one post, shall we?

Great Topic #1:
My parents went to Colorado two weeks ago for their 31st wedding anniversary. After I saw a few of their pictures, I just had to post some of their cuteness, although I'm sure my mother won't be too pleased. But she should deal with it, maybe she shouldn't be so cute! ;)
As a sidenote, they were nice enough to bring us back bags of Moose Munch, t-shirts, and Pyrex bowls! They must be saints.

Saints that are in loooovveeee. (Just don't get too ewwy-gooey on me)

In love, saintly, and apparently insane enough to talk to statues.....

Great Topic #2:
My lovely friend Mary got married this past weekend. And what comes before weddings? Bachlorette parties. And while most would expect crazy insane stories from such a statement, I really have none to tell. It was a great time, but nothing worth Catholic confession.

I mean really, how wild can chicks playing pool get?

But that's not saying there wasn't crazy feather boas and a Sexy Bitch pimp cup.....

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