Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beantown One. Red Line.

Ok, its about time I got some Boston updates on here. We had an amazing time. Like, beyond awesome. We got to see people that I haven't been able to see in far too long. We got to shop for stuff that won't be sold in the midwest for at least a year, if not longer. We got to eat some delicious food (a post all in its own). But most of all, it was just really good to be back in Boston. It's crazy how everything just slipped back right how it used to be.

Once we got checked in, we immediately walked down Boylston towards Emerson, and grabbed a slice at NYP. Tim was beyond elated, you can't get pizza like this in Cedar Falls, THAT'S for sure. And then we headed out to meet Caroline and her roommate at a bar at Kendall. We hadn't planned on being able to see anyone that first night, so we were super pumped to get to meet them and later be joined by Justin!

The next day we went crazy shopping at H&M. Even Tim found stuff. It's really weird to me that stuff out east, I swear its true, fits differently than the stuff in the stores here. It's baffling, and extremely obnoxious. But I got quite the haul, a black cocktail dress, black halter top, cream ruffle skirt, nice black pants, black tanktop, white tanktop, and dark gray tee. Such great shopping deserved an equally tasty lunch. Barking Crab was a must! I adored that their buzzers were lobster shaped. It made having to wait more amusing. I am landlocked, thus a menu I don't see often! We walked through Faneuil Hall on the way back and ended up getting a few bowls at Crate and Barrel and a magnet of the Boston T map (one of my fave purchases). Walked all the way through downtown, Commons, Gardens, and Newbury St back to prepare for an evening of roommates! We met up with two of my old roommates, Justin, and his gf for dinner and drinks at Cantina before going back to see Justin's new house. I adore everyone. Can we all just rent one big building so I can hang out with all of you all every night? Ok, lets work on that.

Days 1 & 2 in Boston down. More to come!

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