Thursday, August 20, 2009

Throwback Thursday: School Daze.

It's that time of year again. All the little children heading back to school. I have no idea if this was my first day of pre-school or not, but this was my second preschool, Farmstead. Based on a farm, we got to collect eggs, play in the hay, ride the pony, and do all the fun farm stuff as well as do all the normal preschool stuff.

The one time I got in trouble in preschool was during snack time, we had to say "Excuse Me" to leave the snack table. And I had been taught that you say that when you did something bad. So, I refused to say it. And sat at the table. Drama with the four year old!!!

Kids are moving back to the dorms today. Classes start Monday. The local schools started today. I'm jealous. It sounds crazy, but especially this time of year. I love the Back to School stuff, new paper and supplies. It's like a Fall Christmas, but new classes, setting up new dorm rooms, its all that stuff that is exciting and fun to me.

But I also like the school part of it all. I like picking out classes that I find interesting, I like getting the syllabus of the whole semester, I like looking through new textbooks and doing worksheets. It makes me want to go back. I would too, if it didn't cost so frickin much. Or I actually had a purpose to go back. I would be the person to pick all the interesting classes and take them jsut to take them. But it's far too much money for that. Tim keeps telling me to pick something and go back and get another degree. I've thought about it. Numerous times. My last year at Emerson, I thought about going to grad school and getting a psych degree. I've always adored psychology, and I have a knack for learning it. I also tend to play psychologist to everyone I know. But I feel like its too late. Plus, I don't know what I would do with it. And again, its not exactly cheap. The job market isn't exactly looking kindly on job seekers right now. Not that it would be anytime soon....I dont know. I just like academia. Sue me.

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