Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dinner party wishes.

I know what I want to do this afternoon. I am in this planning creative vibe, and there is nothing I can actually do about it.

I feel like planning a party, any kind of party, or even just a dinner, a dinner party! I want to plan out a numerous course menu, and then go to a giant grocery store and shop for all the little unique pieces that I need to make such a menu. Shopping for it is half the fun. And then I want fun people to eat the crazy awesome food with. Conversationalists.

Or I feel like decorating a room. Any kind of room. Where I can pick all the colors and themes, and get to go wander stores until I find all the perfect pieces and put the room together exactly how I want it. Without the normal restraints of time or labor. I can deal with a budget, but having to take the time to clear out a room, tarp it, paint it, and let it dry? Naw....

And instead, I will go home and run. No party planning, no menu searching, no color swatching. Bah.

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