Friday, July 17, 2009

Random little tiddybits.

Ok, I said I would fill you in today. So I will! But I will start with the completely random and probably totally pointless stuff.

--My dad made the request of chocolate cupcakes yesterday, so I obliged and baked the most delicious chocolate cupcakes with cherry filling mixed in, with chocolate frosting. I had a beautiful sugar coma from licking the spoon alone! After delivering dad's portion, we took a few to my grandparents at their new house. They moved in just two days ago and still were getting unpacked, but they sat us down at the kitchen table, got us a soda, and chatted until 10pm! They would have kept talking I'm sure, but we had to get going. It was nice though, I have rarely heard my grandfather talk about his military experience, and he told quite a few stories about it last night. We also learned that they had honeymooned in Seattle. Interesting little things you learn, that you had no idea you didn't know....

--Also. Random factoid. Did you know that tomatoes emit a gas that causes other fruits and vegetables to ripen faster, and therefore rot faster? So keep them stored separately! Something tells me this is widely known to everyone that isn't me...

--I had a dream two nights ago about the girl that has cut me out of her life. She won't talk to me anymore, and we really have no idea why, but thats besides the point. It was a pretty detailed dream with the two of us baking with her boyfriend. Only the boyfriend in the dream was my other friend's ex boyfriend. Its just very very weird. I don't really think about her much, and to randomly dream like that, odd.

--Lastly, for this post. I don't even know how to mention this, because even just knowing what I know is part of the rumor mill. But that rumor is not only making me count my chickens before they are hatched, but I am harvesting those chickens eggs, taking them to the kitchen, and making an omelet with them....yeah. Nevermind for now. I'll keep updating if there is anymore progression.

Yes, I know I said absolutely nothing about anything in that last paragraph. Jill's fault! ;)

Happy Friday. One more post later today. With the BIG news. BEST news. Yay.

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Linds said...

Tomato thing is new for me. Go figure.