Friday, July 17, 2009

For Boston.

Here's the awesome. Yesterday morning. I wake up, and on my kitchen island, I find three notes. One of which is Tim and my flight itinerary to Boston. For two weeks from today. I cried. I cannot stop thinking about it. I want to go now. I want to go yesterday. I never thought I would be this excited to go back. Even just for four days. It makes me wonder what its going to be like. If I will even be able to come back here once I am there. To see my people again. People like this. Times like this one.

*sigh* Can't wait. It's all I think about. I'm going back to Boston.

For Boston, for Boston,

Thy glory is our own!

For Boston, for Boston,

'Tis here that Truth is known.

And ever with the Right

Shall thy heirs be found,

Till time shall be no more

And thy work is crown'd.

For Boston, for Boston,

For Thee and Thine alone.

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