Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm tired. So look at when we weren't!

I have zero mind function right now. Im not even like sleepy tired. I just cannot focus. And it was so totally worth it. The movie was fantastic. Even my father who falls asleep in his chair before 10:30 every night stayed awake until it ended close to 3am.

But I finally got these pictures of our part of the 4th of July celebrations uploaded. Here's the best of our house. Only about 20 people showed up for brownies and ice cream. But these 20 had the best view of the fireworks in the whole town!

Tim loves himself some sparkley fire!!

I had to be in at least one picture!

Travis playing with sparklers amidst the smoke bomb curls!

Chris just watched Linnea and Matt set off the pretty colored smoke bombs on our "porch"


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