Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ceaglske's celebrating LOVE!

This past weekend, Tim and I got to participate in an event that has been a long time coming! Tim's best friend since elementary school had his wedding reception. Austin and Lexi did the whole destination wedding thing last month in Jamaica, and we sadly couldn't make it (just a titch bit pricey!) but the reception was held for the celebrating to continue with everyone!
The Groomsmen gang consisted of pretty much everyone we hang out with, so it was fun to see the boys all dolled up in their pretty white shirts and bright pink ties. They clean up quite well!
During the dollar dance, Tim took it upon himself to pay his dollar so he could dance with his beloved friend. It was hilarious though, he HATES dancing with a passion. He would rather be a party pooper and not dance, but yet, when given the opportunity to PAY to dance with a DUDE, he was all about it. Awesome. True friendship right there!
At the reception we got to watch the wedding video from the actual ceremony in Jamaica, had some tasty dinner, listened to the speeches, and had lots of hilarious conversations. By the end of it, we were all quite exhausted!
With Tim as a co Best Man, sitting at the Head Table, I got to sit with the lovely Julie (and Josh, but he was too busy taking the picture to be in it). She even matched the occassion in her adorable pink pocketed dress!
During the reception, we found the opportunity to head uh...decorate :) But close by was Jayson's new bike. Matt went all GQ with his pink tie, wine, and hot bike. It was pretty hilarious.

Overall it was a great weekend, super tiring, but nice to see everyone together again. We haven't all hung out together in quite awhile between people working, going to school, and just general business of life. But getting all cute and chilling at Austin and Lexi's wedding reception was just what we needed!

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