Friday, July 10, 2009

Hurricanes in Iowa?!?

Early Friday morning, Cedar Falls was hit by 100mph winds, hail, and rain. We woke up at about 4am, and it was as though fireworks were being set off in the living room. I thought the hail was going to pierce the glass as soon as it hit. Power went out. And is still out in a lot of places. Streets are still closed. The sounds of chainsaws filled my ears all day. Tim and I are lucky, we live far from massive trees. Some people, only a couple blocks away were not so lucky. Sidestory: My dad's grill landed 50 feet away.

More pictures on my facebook if you are interested.

It takes more than one hand to count the scenes like this that I saw today.

One of the few house shots, I just felt too guilty taking pictures of their unhappy situations...

This is ONE tree. That used to stand next to the building instead of laying in front of it.

The roots of this tree were taller than I was.

Northern University High School. Right in front of the building.

My cute little upside down tree on UNI campus.

UNI Campus

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