Thursday, February 5, 2009

but, but, but, its MY money....

What is it with taxes? Like really.

Last year, Tim and I got a refund of roughly a grand. This made us happy. Very happy.

This year, we paid for Tim's school out of pocket, he worked part time for the majority of the year, and our taxes are supposedly taken out of every paycheck.


Somehow we owe a grand this year. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. We even owe money on our refund from Massachusetts last year. Seriously. This is ridiculous. If you are going to take taxes out of each paycheck, take out enough so that I don't have to write a check in April. Then I can at least trick myself into thinking that the government isn't totally ripping me off. I get nothing from them, and they just keep on taking and taking and taking from me.

Between the two of us, we barely made anything this year. And we are lucky enough (thank god) to not have to pay rent....

Government sucks. Taxes blow.

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