Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Up North!

Saturday, Tim and I woke up early and headed up North to meet up with a few friends of ours at the Minnesota Rennaissance Fair. We went a few years ago, with my family, including my mother who was in a wheelchair with a broken leg. The heat of that day, combined with the uneven terrain and wheelchair made it a less than pleasant day, so we wanted to try again! We mostly just walked around, ate some food, and looked at all the crazies dressed up to the nines in their outfits. I can appreciate the ones that get super into it and its detailed and nice, but wearing a Halloween costume? Fail. And then there is this guy....check out the tights!
We also got a chance to see the Cabor Toss as part of the Highland Festival Weekend. Tim was excited to see it, and it was interesting to watch for awhile. But we never really did figure out what the actual goal was. But the guys warming up were hilarious to watch.
After the Fair, we visited IKEA with everyone and hit up MOA for some shopping and dinner. I got the sweetest hat at my new favorite store. Sun Dog Trading. Love it.

Sunday, after some delicious bagels (I could never pass up a good bagel!) Tim and I (alone) went and got my National Park stamp at the Museum of Science, but ended up staying to see the Titanic Exhibit and omnimax. It was really pretty sweet. It was pretty interesting, and I learned new stuff about it even. Recommended.

It was a gorgeous day out, so before leaving town, we stopped at the Como Zoo. Parking was insane, and yet we managed the second row. Win. Passed some monkeys, zebras, and giraffes. Watched snow leopards sunbathe and lions snooze. It was a quick trip, but perfect.

How adorable is that? These were the lilypads outside the zoo. I have never seen anything that large. They were HUGE!!!!

It was a quick trip, but we did quite a bit and Sunday was awesomely relaxing and beautiful. But now I have a short time to prepare for Los Angeles on Thursday and the first UNI game of the season tomorrow night! More time please?


Scott said...

We love to hear that you love our store at the Mall of America! Which hat did you get?

Scott at sundogtrading.com

Sundog Trading Online

Clare said...

It's Pistil brand. The Clara hat in oatmeal. Super soft.

That store is just awesome. How about a branch in Iowa?

Woo said...

I love the Como Zoo! I just took my parents there when they were up in August. And those water shelf things are amazing. Did you get to go through the gardens/conservatory?

Clare said...

We didn't make it through the Gardens, for two reasons. We aren't really plant people for the most part, but even we are entertained by extrememly pretty and unique plants. It was more that we wanted to get back on the road. Next time though, for sure. Cause we are totally going back!