Sunday, August 14, 2011

An Apology mixed with Colorado Beauty.

If you just read this blog for the pictures, go ahead and skip these nice wordy paragraphs of me blathering on and on, and go straight to the bottom of the post for the fun stuff.

I feel like I should apologize to any of the one or two readers out there in the blogworld that actually try to read this. I have done a ridiculously poor job this summer in keeping up with blogging and all of the trips and things that I have been up to. I still haven't even posted about Kenya (although thats for reasons all on its own). And when I have posted, its been in a flurry of of a hurry and without much content actually to it. And frankly, I don't know if the next few posts will be much better.

I haven't really done much all summer, but somehow felt very busy. It seems like the entire first half of the summer was dedicated to preparing and dealing with the Kenya trip, adding quite nicely to my back drama (which is totally healed, with exception of the massive scar across my back). I've been avidly working out like normal, and that takes up so much time in my day that you really probably wouldn't even believe it if i told you. However, I also spent time this summer seeking out a cause for my problems in that. I finally hit that wall where I really couldn't stand it anymore. Over a year and fighting the same battles clearly wasn't going to be able to last much longer and still have my brain on the same sanity levels that the rest of you dwell upon. So appointments were made, and finally, FINALLY, progress has been made. Months (years if you want to go to the very beginning) after this pursuit of health of mine, I am gaining information that could potentially change the rest of my life (fingers crossed). But that literally took a total turn just yesterday, so that's a post for the future.

But now, as summer winds down, now is when the actual crazy starts. Somehow, I feel like I might actually get better posts while I am getting busier, but we shall have to see, won't we? But for now, I have the family vacation to share. I mentioned in a Throwback post about how we used to go to Colorado far more than we have in the past decade, but this year the five of us made it back for a full week at Copper Mountain Resort. The resort has grown so much since the beginning memories I have of it, but its still in the perfect location and full of enough relaxation for a great week.

The first day we took the chairlift (aka contraptions of death and doom) up the side of the mountain. The boys and I hiked all the way up to 12,000 feet and retreated back down to have a great bbq lunch with mom.
It seemed like the first few days were just to get us in the feeling of being there and not at home. I can't say that the 14 hour car ride wasn't exactly the most relaxing part of the trip either. But on the first night there we ate even more delicious barbecue near our lodge at JJ's where I witnessed my brother, a full week and a half after his 21st birthday, order his first drink.
We actually got to celebrate his birthday a bit later in the week as well when he got to use his Birthday present from Tim and I, but more on that later....

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