Thursday, July 21, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Yee Haw!

I'll be honest, I have zero idea when or where this picture was taken, but let's pretend that its Colorado! Mainly because for the next week, that's where I will be. The glorious land where the air is crisp, clear, and not a thousand degrees heat index. There is really no dedicated plan other than relaxation, a day trip to Denver (Whole Foods and Lululemon!), relaxation, the Breckenridge Alpine slides (weeeeeee), a bit more relaxation, some birthday rock climb with the brobro, and perhaps even a relaxing picnic mountainside!

I cannot wait. We used to go to Colorado all the time when I was growing up. To me it felt like every summer, but I guess I really have no idea if we really did go that often, but it felt like it. Now adays we don't get away out west that often, in fact, I haven't been since before the wedding, and Tim has never been with the Nordyke clan. So its about time!
Everyone really needs to experience sandwiches and shared bags of chips mountainside, getting back in the car halfway through cause its too cold, too windy, or too buggy. But still fun. Less fun was the time that one of my hiking boots got left because it fell out during one of the described lunches, and wasn't noticed til hours later. Lost to the bears for good!

But this year, something tells me my mom won't have packed a box of books in the back for me. Babysitters Club, Thoroughbred Series, Sixteen Candles Club all kept me busy during the long hours in the car. My brother had a box of new toys (not exactly as much of a reader as I was). The catch was that we could only pick out of the box once a day. So once I finished my book, I was out of luck until the next day. This box of books was big enough as it was! Needless to say, I'm kind of a speed reader....

Have a great week people, stay inside, watch KathyLee & Hoda, and make some ice cream! Sounds good enough to me! :-)

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