Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Breckenridge is a must when going to Colorado. We go every visit. At least one run down the slides and shopping through downtown. This year's visit might have been my favorite day of the week. Tim had never done the Alpine Slides before, so that was a fun new experience. DESPITE the fact that a chipmunk decided to run across my pathway, making me break in order to not have a rabid injured chipmunk attached to my face.

Christophers way down was far more slow though, due to a kid (on the fast track nonetheless) basically riding the breaks the entire ride down. He wasn't too pleased. But it was still a good time.

Not only does Breckenridge have super cute and quaint shopping (I could easily spend my life savings there) but they also have some utterly tasting looking places to eat. But leave it to my mother to bring the Nordyke attitude into this picture.

The boys got all you can eat ribs (they took awhile, and Dad was beyond ready to eat by the time they arrived), but I was far more pleased with my turkey wrap and sweet potato tots. Yes people, SWEET POTATO TOTS.

But there was a scary downside to the day. Since the last time I was there, Breckenridge has added a city chair lift to the top of their mountain. Chair lifts are devices of doom and they are terrifying and awful. But I went with the family (the things I do...)

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