Saturday, August 27, 2011

On the way to Fargo: Minneapolis Eve.

Last weekend (which felt more like a month long experience), Tim and I headed north for the wedding celebrations of one of his college friends. By wedding celebrations, I mean not only wedding, but rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, and bachelor party. And by north, I mean FARGO NORTH DAKOTA. And let's be honest, that might as well be Canada. I figured Fargo is well known, it should be a decent sized city, wrong. This speck that we live in in Iowa is more culturally diverse than the capital of North Dakota.

But first was the bachelor party in Minneapolis, a city I could definitely dwell in, if it weren't for the arctic tundra that takes up reidence from September to May of every year. Heated seats can only get me so far. But mid-August, I can handle it. Especially when, as the female, I am left on my own to wander the city while the boys go get blitzed and watch baseball. But first things first, food. Not just any food, but the Common Root Cafe, a friend of ours works in the catering department and had them cater her wedding, so we knew it was the place to hit up. And since we ate there a total of three times in three days, I think that speaks for it self. But if it doesnt, feast your eyes on what our stomachs feasted upon. (Josh, our hotel room partner on this leg of the trip also joined us for this early lunch).
My Tomato & Mozzarella Panini

Tim's Bison (yes, its Minnesota) Tacos

Dark Chocolate and Orange Bread Pudding.

The funny thing is that that took an hour, before noon. And the 12 hours, I only have two pictures to show for it, and they don't even involve me! The boys half of the itinerary had them on a Pedal Pub around to different bars (which I heard incessant bitching about) and then a Twins baseball game before I was called to come pick up Tim and Josh a little before midnight (and then on a wild goose chase of a Perkins hunt for muffins).

So yeah, it looks like they had fun. But I have to say that aside from the driving portions of the afternoon and evening (I have no idea how people get anywhere in Minneapolis, its like Picasso painted the map of the road system, completely illogical and insane), I had a great time. I had the opportunity to catch a hot yoga practice at the Corepower at St Louis Park, which was absolutely amazing. I wish I lived up there so I could get certified through them. The practice was great, the instructor (Dylan) was fantastic, and the facility is just, awesome. Can you tell I dug it? Hit up Mall of America for a titch bit of shopping. I only got through the first floor, but it took much longer than it usually does. I ended up with a $75 pair of Gap jeans for $23. Score. But I ended up spending far more than the difference at Lululemon....oops.

Picked up dinner at Whole Foods after getting caught up in a hot mess of traffic. Thought I made a great decision by getting a to go meal of steamed salmon, veggies and rice. Not thinking that I had no way to HEAT said food. Now, dont get me wrong, I can eat a lot of things cold, but rice? Ehhhh....bad choice. Plus I felt like my mother in the fact that I would have done ANYTHING to find a speck of salt. But it was tasty for what it was....and Love Crunch was on sale. I mean, that alone is happy.

Hotel gym was next. I ended up watching the same episode of Jersey Shore twice in a row, but whatever, that facility was killer. It's ALMOST the biggest hotel gym I've seen. A full room for weight lifting, and at least a room and a half of cardio equipment. Good stuff too. I'd work out there on a regular basis. Ok, I just realized I dedicated this much space to a hotel workout. I clearly have priorities messed up. Im not even picky, I just like my vacation workouts, and when its at that level, it makes my sweaty heart happy.

Then as I said before, drove downtown (made me think and miss Boston hardcore) and picked up Tweedle Dee and Tweedle "I need a bathroom, my head hurts, Im going to blast AC even though youre sweaty and cold, the Pedal Pub sucked, people suck, I have to pee" Oh my.

And yet, that was the best day of the weekend.....

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