Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Rock Climbing and Mexican Delicious.

As I am laying on a hotel bed in Fargo, not really wanting to go to sleep quite yet, despite needing my beauty rest for Greg's wedding tomorrow, I figured a mini post from Colorado might be a good way to postpone slumber.

A week or two before we headed to Colorado, Chris had his 21st birthday, and that kid is the hardest person on the planet to shop for. It's virtually impossible to get a good gift for him. So when we had the idea to give him the gift of rock climbing while in Colorado, we were quite pleased with ourselves. Copper Mountain has the nation's largest outdoor climbing wall, so its the perfect place to start. Rock climbing on real mountains was pretty much out of the question since none of us had ever climbed before.

We got our tickets and scooped it out the day before we actually did it. Tim went first and scaled up the 35 feet like a spider monkey. He was half way up the wall before most of us realized he had even started. It was insane. He got all the way to the top, rung the bell, and gave me absolute determination that I was getting to the top too!

I was successful in getting to the top! Despite some major shaking calf muscles. Chris had some other issues. Not a fan of heights apparently. Oops. Guess it wasn't the best gift ever, but we tried! I think we all still had fun though. I hope.

And now for the obligatory food photo. We had Mexican one night in Dillon, and holy wow. This was my grilled veggies with rice. It was delicious. I thought I wouldn't be able to eat my entree because I ate so many chips. But trust me, I had no problems consuming way too much of this dish....

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