Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feel free to judge me.

Can I whine for a second? I know a billion people have it worse off than I do, but I swear my wallet is the opposite of the forever filling cup. I fill it, and the next time I look, its empty. A few months ago was the total bottoming out paying taxes. But the last month alone has brought on pretty much every random expense possible. So besides the regular utilities, I've shelled out for numerous medical consults, dental, car registration, car insurance, condo insurance, my personal trainer (yeah, wah wah, I know, but still) and seemingly continuing travel expenses for two out of state weddings coming up (again, I know thats my choice, but I love celebrating love with my besties).

Like I said, I know I have a swank life. I travel, I have an awesome family, I don't want for an necessity, or rarely any realistic luxury, but sometimes, living Swiss Family Robinson style with no bills to pay doesn't sound so bad.

Mom, I know you are thinking of all the things I have and that I really think I have no money. Re-read last part of this. I KNOW I DON'T HAVE IT SO BAD. Besides, I'm watching the movie about the girl surfer who got her arm chomped off by a shark, I have both arms, right?

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