Thursday, June 11, 2009

Throwback Thursday!

I found a bunch of sweet pictures while sorting through a million photos for my brother's graduation. So I decided to create Throwback Thursday. Today's was going to be of my grandmother. She was the unfortunate victim of fate today and had to have a few stitches after a fall she took, so it was going to be an ode to her! But I couldn't find any of her in the pile (this must be remedied) so I found the next best thing. This is my Grandfather. My guess is that this was taken in the late eighties, but no one seems to know where. But does it matter? He's posing as a moose. This amuses me.

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DeMo said...

haha! I love this. It's funny to me because my friends and I use the hand signals for awkward moments:
1) Awkward Turtle
2) Upside-down Awkward Turtle
3) Awkward Turkey
4) Awkward Moose (looks like this picture but with the antlers covering your face.)
5) Awkward and Unfortunate Moose (do this but rotate one hand toward the floor and make a sound like Eeyore.)

Originally I had said that "my friends and I made up" the hand signals, but obviously we didn't b/c they're all found somewhere on Google.

Wow this was a random comment...