Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dumb Drivers and a Love of Olives....

Today is a day of instances that make you audibly growl. Even though no one can hear you and it doesn't change anything and it really isn't that big of a deal, but the growl makes you feel better.

Instance #1: CF Cops are lazy. I was on my way to work, about to come to a green light, heading straight. A truck was turning left from the other direction (would cross in front of me), figured he had enough time before I got there, turned. Ok, fine, I'll just break a little bit once I hit the light so he can make it through. But then the car behind him decided to turn left too, RIGHT in front of me. I slammed the breaks and honked. Then I see the cop car right next to me, stopped at the light. I figure my honk was at the very least an alert that something was not ok. But nope. The cop turned and totally ignored the perp! Arg.

Instance #2: Almost to work on University. I am in the middle lane. A block before the driveway to the office there is construction filling the right lane. I stay to the middle lane because I will have to get immediately over. And all of a sudden I hear this blaring horn at me from a guy that was trying to merge? I dont know even, he was behind me or to the side of me. I would have let him in front to get out of the construction lane, but he wasnt even in my vision. So hes laying on the horn, and then tailgates me in the middle lane. I finally get to the right lane when I can and he gives me killer glare as he speeds past. I reciprocated. Gr.

Instance #3: Lunchtime. Dad wants Subway, so off I go! I give in to my grumbling stomach and get a salad. Just getting a salad already costs an extra buck. Makes no sense, its a sandwich MINUS the bread, but they ADD an extra dollar to the cost. But then, heres the conversation:

Worker 1: What kind of cheese do you want?
Me: No cheese.
*ten second pause*
Worker 1: What kind of cheese did you say you wanted?

Worker 2: What else do you want on it?
Me: *lists numerous veggies*...and lots of olives.
Worker 2: *puts on proper veggies until the olives. She COUNTS six olive slices onto the salad despite the LONG line behind me.*
Me: Can I have some more olives?
Worker 2: I can only give you six olives unless you want to pay an extra quarter
Me: Fine, Ill pay the quarter, more olives
Worker 2: *proceeds to count 4 more olive slices onto the salad*


I'm such a whiner. But the rest of the day has been fine. Just those little irks.

Making chilli tonight. First time. No meat, no beans. Yum. Gonna make a broccoli salad and granola later this week. Pumped about the granola part...

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DeMo said...

Dumb drivers for sure! That was pretty much how I felt about everyone in Wichita yesterday. Ugh.